300 Havelock Town, Colombo 5

Another month another haircut. To complete our exploration of mid range barbers in the vicinity of Havelock Town (we've covered La Passion and Sleek) for my latest coiffure I went to Scissors on the corner of Havelock Road and Skelton Road.

While it isn't an old staple of the regional barbering scene its got a slick new front and a high level road-side location, which was enough to lure me in. Inside its rather similar to Sleek and La Passion though perhaps a little better appointed. The plush new barber's chairs inspire confidence however the gaggle of distinctly thug-like barbers do not. I got one enormously muscled, much-scarred, sullen seeming individual who looked more likely to do me harm than cut my hair to the requisite degree of suavity.

When he set to work while at the same time muttering on his phone I entertained thoughts of bolting, but it was too late the first locks of hair were already on the floor.

The next few minutes were nerve racking. A bad haircut really isn't much fun. But in the brief time it took my hair dresser to finish his conversation and watch about three Tamil music videos, while distractedly cutting my hair, I learned that you can't judge a barber by his bulging muscles and dodgy tattoos.

It was, by the standards of Sleek and La Passion, a perfectly good hair cut. Perhaps a little better than average. Nothing stellar or anything - some of the around the ear work was definitely sloppy and the initial shampoo was pretty perfunctory. The shave though was good. Best of all the shampoo, cut and shave worked out to Rs 600 which is excellent and as the work is the same standard if not slightly better than at its two rivals this might be our greater Havelock barber of choice.

Unless anyone has any other suggestions.... I'm always dreaming of going from the dishevelled the terrorist/junkie look to, er, suavity - while remaining within my mid-range Havelock budget.


300 Havelock Town, Colombo 5