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Scoop Colombo

No. 112/A, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05

Scoop Colombo (not to be confused with the old Scoop) is the latest ice cream parlour in town. 

Located down Thimbirigasyaya road, Scoop Colombo (not to be confused with the old Scoop) is the latest ice cream parlour in town. 

The Ice Cream

Priced at Rs. 280 a scoop, Scoop Colombo does a range of homemade ice cream. Their Facebook page advertises some interesting flavors like pina colada, gingerbread, vanilla fudge ripple, chocolate fudge brownie, and milk tea, but sadly none of them were available on the day we visited (disappointing!).

Anyway, out of the lesser-interesting choices available, we tried four flavors - Creamy Cookie, Choco Mellow, Cherry Berry, and Nutty Crunch.

One thing I loved about Scoop Colombo is, you can decorate your ice creams as much as you like, because they provide you with bottles of sprinkles, granola, chocolate chips and nuts etc. 

The Creamy Cookie was essentially an oreo based ice cream. It boasts a rich oreo flavour along with bits of oreo cookie scattered about, but the texture itself wasn’t creamy enough. It was a bit hard, with little icicles wedged in. 

Don’t get us wrong - tastewise, we didn’t hate it. But a smooth texture could’ve made it better.

Next up, the Choco Mellow. This one combines of two of my favorite things - chocolate ice cream and marshmallow.

It had very decadent chocolatiness which wasn’t overpowered by the sweetness of the marshmallows. The texture wasn't icy like the previous one, but still not creamy enough.

However, if you love chocolate and marshmallows, as much as I do, this is definitely a good choice.

The Nutty Crunch is basically a fruit and nut ice cream, minus the fruit - just a few bits of cashew nuts here and there. It was milky and not crazy-sweet, but in terms of texture, there wasn't any improvement. 

Out of the lot, Cherry Berry was our least favorite, because it tasted like a sweeter version of Imorich’s Very Berry ice cream. There was a good amount of cherry bits to go around, but they've used too much blueberry syrup in this, which left our mouths all sticky. 

Honestly, I'd rather get a some of Imorich’s Very Berry ice cream from a supermarket, instead of this one. 

Service & Ambience

The guy manning the counter was pretty quick on his feet, and he's happy to answer any question you may have regarding the flavors.

As for ambience, they've got just one table and three chairs, while the walls have cute speech bubble stickers plastered all over. It's a very tiny ice cream parlour, so the better option is takeaway. 


Our experience at Scoop Colombo wasn't bad, but not particularly exciting either. Their ice creams are still pretty average, in terms of flavor as well as the texture.


No. 112/A, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05


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Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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Ice Cream Milkshakes

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