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Scrumptious Wedding Cakes

11 A, Sambuddhiwatte, Mattegoda, Kottawa

Soft, moist cupcakes and cakes that are a good value for money.

Who doesn't love a good cupcake? We tried Scrumptious, a home baker not to be confused with Skrumptious Brownies. A strong positive is that delivery is free - so call a couple of days ahead and make your booking! 

The Cupcakes!

Although they specialise in wedding cakes,we just tried their cupcakes. We ordered a set of twenty five cupcakes for an office party. One was the chocolate cupcake and the other one was red velvet, at Rs 140 each.

We grabbed the chocolate ones first. They were really good. In comparison with other chocolate cupcakes in general where they spike the cuppies with too much essence or too much sugar, this one balanced it out perfectly. The crown of chocolate frosting on top of the cake complemented the perfectly baked cake base. It was moist, soft and had strong notes of chocolate.

The red velvet on the other hand was your average cupcake. Although the red velvet base on itself was good, the frosting had a very mild taste of cream cheese which we felt could have been better. The bright red hue on the cake was beautiful though.

There were also these quirky, pouty, lip shaped sprinkles on the red velvets which were kinky. However, accidentally sending cupcakes with lip shaped sprinkles and maraschino cherries to your boss as a gift or your business partners wouldnt be too ideal. Just saying!. These would be perfect for valentines.

Upon speaking to the home baker, we were told that she bakes basically anything, from pastas to wedding cakes. Her pricing also depends on what you may require and of course, the quantity. As of now they do not have a menu but they are also willing to handle any dessert that you may ask for.


Even though we tried only two flavours, both cupcakes ticked all the boxes of a good, satisfying cupcake.  For Rs 140 per piece, we enjoyed it! Our cupcakes did arrive two hours late though, so be a little wary if you're working on a party schedule.


Order early!, might get late on delivery.


11 A, Sambuddhiwatte, Mattegoda, Kottawa


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Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

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Pasta Brownies Cakes Cupcakes


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