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Shack Pizza

472F, Matara Road, Dewata, Galle

Pizza counterpart of the Shack Beach Cafe.

The pizza counterpart of the ever so popular Shack Beach Cafe, Shack Pizza is one of the best spots to grab a warm, cheesy loaded slice or two after a day of surfing down Dewata beach.

The Pizzas

The menu includes around 10 - 15 varieties, equally treating to both non-veg and veg palates. We opted for two half-n-half pizzas - Chilli Beef and Tandoori Chicken on one, while the other one had 4 Formaggi and Bufala. The most expensive topping out of the two is your price point; ours were Rs. 1500 and Rs. 1600 respectively.

Both pizzas shared the same excellent crust. Thin, well crisped up to give that lovely crunch, and flecked with charcoal to boot. The latter didn't make it a bitter affair as one would think, which we loved.

The assortment of tandoori chicken and capsicum, coupled with mozzarella and tomato sauce made a lovely flavour combination. Spicy and tangy with a whiff of smokiness, each bite was so rich and flavourful. They're not stingy with the toppings, which we observed on both Tandoori Chicken and Chilli Beef. There were lots and lots of the said meats to go around.

Spicy as promised, the Chilli Beef was a winner. The bits of green chillies certainly did the trick here, along with the chunks of beef which seemed to have marinated in a spicy mixture before being tossed on to the pizza, all while the stringy mozzarella balances out the heat. Plus, there was a subtle sweetness swirling through - a result of the addition of seeni sambol (onion relish). Simply fantastic!

The 4 Formaggi is basically layers and layers of high-quality cheese - Fior di latte (cow milk mozzarella), Bufeta (buffalo feta), Blue cheese and Smoked Scamorza. However, we do wish if they had gone easy on the sauce content here, which slightly tend to overpower the cheesiness of the pizza.

If you prefer a good old Margherita with a twist, Bufala is a good bet. In here, they embed a few slices of chewy buffalo mozzarella on every slice. Delish! A little less sauce or more cheese would have made it perfect.


While you're here, you can grab the goodies off Shack Beach Cafe's usual menu too. To wash everything down, we ordered a Tutti Fruiti (Rs. 500) and a Mango Lassi (Rs. 500).

*Pictured above: Mango Lassi (left), Tutti Fruiti (right)

Pure mango goodness squeezed into a glass and mixed with yoghurt alongside a sprinkle of cardamom powder and a splash of lime, the Mango Lassi was a refreshing treat. It's so filling, so take one petite sip at a time so you won't be all full before the pizza lands on the table.

The Tutti Fruiti was a blend of passion fruit, mango, pineapple, papaya and coconut water. A light, sweet, sour and fruity drink. 

Ambience & Service

It's right next to Shack Beach Cafe and you access it from the Galle Road and beach. If you're choosing the former, first you have to go through their shop, which sells a wonderful collection of t-shirts, hats, a variety of tea, coasters and surf gear, among other things.

The vibe here is absolutely relaxing, and the view is breathtaking. The furniture includes the same set of metal barrel-chairs and wooden tables we experienced at the Shack Beach Cafe. All of the pizzas are made right in front of you in this wood-fired oven. You're on the beach, so you can just take a walk down there and enjoy quite a bit of frothy waves and sea breeze while your food gets ready.

Much like the last time, we have no complaints regarding their service either.


Beachside dining isn't uncommon in Downsouth, and Shack Pizza is one of the finest we've experienced at that. Whether it be a surfer or simply a person who enjoys good pizza, this is a must-try.

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472F, Matara Road, Dewata, Galle


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