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Sherry Land Pub & Restaurant

No. 74, Beach Rd, Eththukala, Negombo

Sherry Land is a restaurant and pub in Negombo that's comprised of a bar, restaurant and a banquet hall.

Comprised of a banquet hall, restaurant and a pub, Sherry Land is a popular spot in Negombo town. Given that we had a very good experience last time, we found ourselves back here again, for another review. 


The menu at Sherry Land Restaurant & Pub has bits and bobs of Western, Italian, Chinese and of course, Sri Lankan fare. They serve all kinds of meats in here, as well as a wide range of seafood-centred dishes for you to choose from.

Clocking in at Rs. 2100, the Grilled Crab was served with the sides of French fries and salad. Soaked in white sauce, the crab had a sprinkle of pepper slipped in, to make it more appealing to the spicy palate. However, there wasn't a lot of flesh in the crab, but considering that it's only a small-sized crab, we'd say it's alright. But, if you've got a couple more 100 rupee bills, we assure you that you'd be able to find better crab dishes in this lively fishing town. 

If you're one of those people who disgust the practice of throwing raw chunks of pineapple on a pizza, this Americano Pizza (Rs. 950) at Sherry Land is something you should stay away from. I'm not all cuckoo for the idea, but I don't mind having pieces of pineapple on my pizza once in a while. Which is why I enjoyed this one. 

A combination of ham and pineapple followed by a good layer of mozzarella and then marinara, this pizza had a thin, crispy crust, produced by the right touch of the oven. The overall flavour mingled between meaty and tangy elements, in a very balanced manner. 

Aside from being a massive portion of rice packed with bits of chicken and prawns, we didn't notice any redeeming qualities on this Thai Style Fried Rice (Rs. 800). The rice had these weird salty notes, which usually come from flavour enhancers. Decorated with strips of fried egg, the rice wasn't oily, and the portion size is easily enough to feed two people. 

Ambience & Service

The vibe at Sherry Land is quite chilled out and pretty much the same thing we experienced during our last visit. With long, high bar tools, the bar area has a TV hanging up, so even if you're a solo traveller, you can grab a drink or two here without getting bored.

If proper dining is what you're keen on, you can try the restaurant area that has the wooden furniture with the gold-black theme going on. Aside from that, they also have outdoor dining setup arranged in their garden. 

As for service, it wasn't disappointing. It wasn't the fastest for sure, but we didn't mind hanging out for like 30 minutes until our food arrives, as the ambience is pretty relaxing. 


This time around, we didn't hate our experience at the Sherry Land, but didn't particularly love it either. Given the competition in this strip, it is essential for them to up their food game again, and we sincerely hope that they would do so. 

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Try mixing your own cocktail. The bartender does a pretty good job.


No. 74, Beach Rd, Eththukala, Negombo


Sherry Land is about half way down Porutota Rd, past the Jetwing Ayurveda Pavilion but before Jetwing Blue.


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Asian Western

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Meats Seafood Alcoholic Beer

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