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Shiraz Sri Lanka

313, Galle Road, Colombo 03

Shiraz Sri Lanka serves up good Middle-eastern food.

Shiraz Sri Lanka does superb Middle-eastern food. It actually reminded us of the good old Shiraz down Stratford Avenue, which was closed down years ago. We're not sure whether this is the rebirth of it, and at the same time, we're glad that we came across it. They're located right next to the all-new Manhattan Fish Market in Kollupitiya.

The Food

We started off with some Hummus (Rs. 250). Featuring a grainy, yet smooth texture, decorated with a splash of olive oil, it was quite tasty. You can pair this up with some of their freshly made Pita Bread (Rs. 100).

Wrapped in a blanket of warm flatbread, the Adana Beef Kebab (Rs. 700) was excellent. The meat was well-grounded, and the seasoning was on point, so it improves the flavours of the meat, rather than holding it back. There was a nice layer of char on the outside, showing how perfectly it had captured the essence of the grill. 

The flatbread had a good slathering of tahini, adding a nice tangy note to the overall flavour.

Packed to its brim with lots and lots of well seasoned, smoky chunks of chicken, lettuce, and onions, the Spicy Chicken Shawarma (Rs. 600) was absolutely flavoursome. We also spotted some French fries in the filling. I take my fries separately, but if you're into that, there's that.
The Beef Burger (Rs. 700) had its moments. On the good side, it came with a hefty, beefy patty, piled up with onions, tomato, lettuce and sauce. The beef patty itself was brilliant. Well flavoured with spices, finely grounded, and all in all, quite rich. It blended well with the other elements at play, too.

However, the bun was quite sogged up, so it can get absolutely drippy and messy as you eat it. 
As for dessert, we got the Mahalabia (Rs. 250). It had a good milky flavour, was creamy in texture too, but unfortunately, the jelly layer made it overly sweet. Plus, it sort of masked up the taste of rose syrup. We still prefer the Mahalabia at Arabian Knights.


The service was helpful. Right now, they're mainly focused on takeaway and delivery orders. While they don't offer dine-in, they will happily arrange a tray with your food, so you can enjoy it in the vehicle, or on the roadside. 


Delicious Middle-eastern fare for very affordable rates; our experience at Shiraz Sri Lanka was a good one. If you get a chance to order some up, make sure to try out the beef kebabs. They're amazing!

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