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No 2, Elibank Road, Colombo 05

Sits has been our favourite cake baker for a while. Her chocolate and red velvet cupcakes are some of the best in town.

Sita has been making cakes for almost a decade, and her stuff is consistently great. She won the crown in our last cupcake taste-off (though we've discovered many more contenders since, which we've included in our round-up). Sits is reliable for any occasion, big or small (the minimum order for cupcakes is only 3, so you don't have to spend too much). 

The Cakes

Sits has a long range of cakes and cupcakes, and there's an overwhelming number of options for lovers of chocolate. There's also a bit of cheesecake, meringue, coffee, lemon and passion fruit on the menu - also chocolate cookies and brownies. She also does eclairs, but the minimum order for those is 20.

We asked for the red velvet cupcakes and the chocolate ganache cupcakes, 5 cupcakes for about Rs. 700 altogether. Sits cupcakes are always very soft and they don't change over time - we had one the next day and it was still as soft and happiness inducing. The chocolate ganache cupcake is soft, chocolatey and good and for some reason tasted even better 24 hours later (in our experience cakes tend to get drier and the frosting hardens over time). It was the red velvet that we absolutely loved though: a bite of it includes this incredibly creamy and generous cream cheese topping, delightfully blending in with soft fluffy cake, the kind of dessert you'll keep going at till you feel unwell. 

We also tried these interesting 'mini sticky date cakes', with butterscotch sauce. I'm not a big date fan but apparently it's great when you mix it the right way into a dessert (see also Saffron & Vanilla's date cookies, and Kan Zaman's date juice). These were lovely little donut-looking desserts, sticky and warm, bits of nuts and chunks of date in-between, with that mild sweetness of date cake, best served lightly-microwaved. The cup of thick butterscotch sauce is just great with everything, we even mixed it up with some chocolate cake later. A whole cake at Sits costs about Rs. 1 or 2K, while our three mini cakes with sauce cost about Rs. 500. 

Service & Delivery

The Sits' take-away joint is in Colombo 5, and was described by Bhagya as a sort of 'candyland' - cakes everywhere you look. Sits can deliver you your order through a tuk-tuk guy, but she's very reluctant if it's a creamy dessert and a long distance, since the heat can ruin the cake. Usually you can call in the morning and have some ready by evening, which is rare with dessert makers (Candy Cakes also does quick desserts), but not everything is always available so it's best to call at least two days before. 

The fun thing about Sits is you can actually make 'requests'. For example, their menu doesn't say anything about fudge-centered cupcakes, but if you call a few days in advance, they'll actually do it for you. You can check out their entire menu on their Facebook page. 


Sits is a reliable pick for good desserts. It's my personal favourite when I have a random urge for cupcakes (the red velvet is the best if you have a sugar tooth and like cream cheese). You don't always have to order a dozen like at most bakers, so you spend about 500 bucks on five cupcakes and pick them up on the same day, which we think is pretty convenient. 


Try their Nutella Cupcakes. They're to die for!


No 2, Elibank Road, Colombo 05


For pick-up, go down Baseline Road past Lanka Hospitals and past Park Road. The next junction is Vijaya Kumaratunga Mw, turn left there. Kalinga Mw is the second road on your left. Turn down that, then at the fork go to the left and park. Sits is just past the bend


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