Sizzlers by Barracuda (First Look)

No. 41/2 Wasala Road, Dehiwela

Sizzlers by Barracuda is a meat-focused resto adjoining Barracuda.

Set against the fast-disappearing stretch of Wellawatta-Dehiwela beach, Sizzlers is a new resto adjoining Barracuda. Their main theme is on delivering sizzling dishes, rather like what The Sizzle does. Ergo, they've got a selection of meats, and sizzling desserts.

First Impressions

It's a bit underdressed compared to Barracuda (at least when we went), and was a lot like the beachside food joints you'd find dotting the Negombo beach. The staff are welcoming and friendly but a bit slow with processing orders.  They have an impressive selection of sizzling food, covering chicken, beef, and seafood, as well as a few non-meat options (at least for the appetizers).

We started off with their Sizzling Three Kinds of Mushroom (Rs. 600) dish, which we enjoyed.

With portobello, shiitake and button, and doused in a bit of soya sauce and brought to the table piping hot, this was packed with flavour. We also liked the bunch of textures brought in by the different shrooms. It's a pretty large dish, and worth the price.

For mains we tried Battered Cuttlefish Mixed in Spices (Rs. 1,250) and Steak Barracuda Style (Rs. 1,200). Both dishes were large and generous in portion — they certainly hadn't skimped on the meats!

The beef was very well-done and a bit chewy, and thanks to the sizzling platter that just kept cooking. There was a plentiful amount of vegs and mash on the side as well.

We feel that the preparation of the cuttlefish could improve. It was tossed in tempered spices, and the spices were rather burnt.

For drinks we tried their Peached Iced Tea at Rs. 150 and Sunny Fizz for Rs. 350. Legit prices for drinks, and the peach tea was super cooling. Sunny Fizz seemed to be an amalgamation of ginger beer and citruses, and was good too.


We're looking forward to reviewing this once it's properly settled in. The hadn't decided on an opening and closing time when we last visited (a few weeks ago), but were open from around 11AM onwards. The food comes in generous portions and the beach vibe makes it a great place just go and chill. The staff also asked for feedback at the end of our meal and were keen to know where they'd fallen short of expectations and how they could improve.


No. 41/2 Wasala Road, Dehiwela


Closed right now



Price Range

More than Rs.1500

Dish Types

Seafood Beef Chicken Cuttlefish Bites