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Smokey's (The Brownie Bar) - Temporarily Closed

1B, College ave, Mount Lavinia.

Temporarily closed (taking a break). Smokey's is a home baker that specializes in delicious brownies at easy prices - and they happen to be completely vegan too.

This place is taking a break but will be back.

Smokey's is a brand new home baker who makes amazing brownies. We didn't know it till we had finished eating them, but these brownies are also vegan. If you're not a vegan you're probably thinking 'oh no, vegan and brownies should not be in the same sentence', but trust me, this stuff is the shizz. 

While we're on the topic, Delicieux is another known vegan home baker, and Brownie Lovin' and Skrumptious are some of our other favourite brownie makers. 

The Yummies

First off it has to be said that these brownies are huge - the '6 pack' of chocolate brownies that we got, was more like a 12 pack, and all of it cost Rs. 570. We got an assortment of toppings - chocolate, peanut butter and peanutella (chocolate and peanuts). As a fan of peanut butter, this stuff smelled amazing when the box was opened and completely got my vote right away.  

Served warm, the brownies were very soft and chocolatey without being too gooey (Brownie Lovin' does very gooey brownies if you're into that), and they are wonderfully generous with portion and topping (especially the peanut butter). Can't really say anything bad about the brownies, they taste great without being overly rich as chocolatey desserts sometimes tend to be, so you feel like going back for more.

They also have a strawberry and coconut cream brownie on their evolving home baker menu, which sounds very interesting, and as with everything, is home-made from scratch and vegan. You can stay tuned on their Facebook page for updates. 

Prices & Pick-Up

Like we've said, the prices here are superb by Colombo's baking standards. The brownies are available in 6-pack and 12-pack boxes, and while you'll have to watch the Facebook page for the prices of specific flavours, the chocolate ones come at Rs. 570 for six gigantic squares. Completely worth it. Place your order a day or two in advance, and the usual pick-up point is in Nugegoda, though you can alternatively call them up and ask to pick it up from Dehiwala. 


Smokey's makes very good brownies, and they happen to be vegan as well (vegans can rejoice over this since there are very few vegan food options in the city). We'd definitely try their stuff out again for funsies.  


Call a day ahead to place your order.


1B, College ave, Mount Lavinia.



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