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Soup Mama

19, Sumanarama Road, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

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A home chef that whips up fresh soups.

Soup Mama is a home chef dedicated to just soupy foods. Since there aren't many spots that are dedicated to just soups, we were intrigued as excited to try some out.

How To Order

You’ll find them on PickMe Food and UberEats - given you are within the range from their home base which is in Mt Lavinia. 


Their range of soups isn't the biggest. You can find, beef, chicken, fish and vegetable-based soups and porridge. With the hopes of getting a healthy energy boost on a mid-Monday, we went with a Beef Bone Broth Soup (Rs. 350) and Chicken Soup (Rs. 350).

Our soups arrived warm, in huge, plastic containers, and thankfully without any spillage but there were no spoons included. 

First up the Beef Bone Soup. The greenish hue on the soup didn’t instil much appetite in us and we felt like that the soup-to-elements ratio was not spot on. 

There were only a few pieces of carrots, a bit more beans, with pieces of white radish and potato thrown into the mix. Most of the texture came from the sliced cabbage which is not the most flattering tastewise. While we think the leafy stuff swimming about was parsley, it didn’t have any flavour to it that we can detect. We’d have been happy if they added a bit more beans and especially carrot to bring out more colour to the soup.

As for the broth, it had a concoction of spices and the notes of cumin and pepper stood out. The salt levels were quite alright and there was a swirl of oiliness swirling through, possibly coming from the meats. 

The three chunks of beef bones came with sizeable meaty pieces on them. While the meat separated easily from the bones it didn’t have much of meaty flavour as it had soused up all the spices in the broth. 

We found five pieces of well-cooked, chicken pieces swimming in the Chicken Soup. The chicken pieces were decently chickeny, while the broth of it felt more or less the same as the beef bone one, sporting the same veggies. However, this one was a bit more peppery and had a bit of spicy kick to it. Out of the two bowls, we prefer this one but here, but they have room to improve, especially with the presentation and elements. 


Soup Mama ended up not being what we expected, but it wasn’t too bad. Portion-wise, it's enough for two. It felt more like the soup your parents would force you to drink if you are unwell than something you’d take to feel full.


19, Sumanarama Road, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

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Sri Lankan

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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