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SOZO Beverages (Delivery)


SOZO now has an online store.

When it comes to natural and healthy beverages in Sri Lanka, that perfectly combine the homemade goodness and shelf life, nothing can hold a candle to SOZO. These bottled up goodies are so honest that they have the freshest and finest ingredients, minimal sugar and absolutely no preservatives. We actually had a vivid discussion about their products a few weeks back, during our chat with Dushyantha De Silva - the face behind this brand.
Delivering on what he promised during that conversation, SOZO now has an online store, where you can get your SOZO favourites delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks! So we immediately got our hands on that.

Ordering Process

Visit, and click on Beverages tab on the top left corner.

It will display all the beverages they have for delivery, categorised under Best Sellers, Craft Iced Teas, Craft Juices, SOZO Spritz Syrups and Fresh Juices. 

You can simply click on the items that you wish to buy, add them to the cart, and then proceed with the checkout. You can either pay from your card or opt for cash on delivery. They also accept bank transfers.

SOZO Spritz Syrups are available in 500ml bottles, the fresh juices come in 1l bottles, while everything else available in 350ml bottles and 1l bottles. Plus, there's no minimum order value. Aside from SOZO Spritz Syrups and fresh juices, the rest is can be purchased as packs (6 and 12), or as a single bottle. 

The delivery fee for most areas is Rs. 100, and if the order value is above Rs. 3000, it's free.

Flavours We Tried

We tried 4 flavours - Peach & Mango Iced Tea (Rs. 313 for 350ml), Pani Dodang & Sea Salt (Rs. 313 for 350ml), Passion fruit & Narang (Rs. 313 for 350ml) and Ginger Lime Tonic (Rs. 313 for Rs. 350ml). All the prices here are inclusive of VAT, and the delivery fee was Rs. 300 (to Kotte). 

We placed the order during curfew days in Colombo, and still managed to receive the goodies just within 3 days. 

The Pani Dodang & Sea Salt has a grip on my heart since the first sip. If I'm looking for a SOZO, this is what I have in mind. For those of you who enjoy the local green oranges as much as I do, it's the best bet. With just the right balance between sweet and sour, it also has a tinge of saltiness to it, which makes the flavour more wholesome.

The similar, yet distinct flavours and textures of Peach and Mango have been put into good use in this iced tea. Featuring a concoction of the promised fruits, black tea, purified water, antioxidant (citric acid), and sugar, it's just the right drink for someone who prefers a tropical twist on their iced tea.

This one carries the goodness of both passion fruit and narang. If you're in the mood for a sweet, sour and fruity thirst quencher, it's the absolute best.

This ginger has an extra zing, all thanks to the subtle ripples of lime running through it. 


Now your SOZO fix is just a few clicks away. Their online delivery is convenient, incredibly smooth and we're quite happy with our experience. Do try it out!

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