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SPA CEYLON Royal Indulgence

103/7, Galle Road, Colombo 03

Spa Ceylon's new, beautiful flagship salon and store. They sell a variety of self-branded products, along with a full service spa.

The new Spa Ceylon flagship store opened up late January this year in lush Lankan fashion. Haunt of tourists and moneyed Colombars alike, their central Colpetty location is super convenient and easy to find. Mostly because those road-facing 15 foot LED screens will blind you as you drive past. We finally got around to checking it out, and had a genuinely luxurious, relaxing experience. 


The decor works off the Royal Kandyan Court vibe. You'll see plenty of panels with gorgeous bedecked models, an aroma bar you can sniff around (and purchase essential oils from), and even a huge velveteen throne you can sit and take pompous crowned selfies on. 

The shop area itself is extensive, and you'll find everything Spa Ceylon currently sells.

We couldn't take any photos inside the spa area, obviously, but it's equally well appointed albeit a lot dimmer, quieter, and minimal. I also noticed that everything is self-branded, from the pillows, to the products they use. 


They're incredibly serious about their r&d, so you'll find new lines coming out every so often. Products include massage oils, essential oils, incense, candles, toiletries, lip balm, even herbal tea pots. Their quality is great, their use of local produce, scents, and ayurveda superb, and their marketing brilliant. We think it's one of the best uniquely Lankan brands we've seen yet. 

Spa Ceylon is also generally my go-to place for luxury gifts, because their gift packs are beautiful, with high quality finishing. Expect to pay Rs. 2500 to Rs. 7500 for a gift set, ranging in style, function (sleep, calm, etc).

My favourites are the Calm balm, a tiny pot of aromatic unguent that works wonders when gently massaged into your temples, as well as the Sleep Intense body elixir.

I haven't tried their new "royal" line (differentiated by its bright pink and gold hue), but will be sure to do so on our next visit. 


We weren't blown away at the service at the WHITE branch on Ward Place. The Royal Indulgence branch, however, has their service and training on point. From the second I entered, I was greeted by a fleet of friendly staff at the store who ushered me to the reception, where I met the manager Shameer. He was polite, very knowledgable about the products, services, and offers, and even offered me a loyalty card (free massage on my birthday? yes please!). He managed to stay polite and efficient, despite juggling heaps of tourists at the same time.

I opted for a 90 minute Ultimate Foot Ritual, at his recommendation. It turned out to be a decadent, extremely relaxing process. For Rs. 4000, it was a steal. In comparison, a 90 minute full body massage costs between Rs. 7500 and 10,000. 

My technician, Sameera, ushered me into the foot massage area, and handed me a fluffy black terry robe. Settled in to the plush leather easy chair, I then drifted off for over 90 minutes of practiced massage techniques. The massage involves a bit of aromatherapy, reflexology, and even a head, neck, and shoulder massage. It was one of the best massages I've had on the island, and an all-round great experience. Sameera has been with Spa Ceylon for over 6 years, and is clearly a masseur extraordinaire. 


A brilliant marketing strategy, a strong promotion of local branding and quality produce, as well as impeccable service. Spa Ceylon's flagship store is one of the best spots if you need some r&r, or want to gift someone a luxurious experience for a special occasion. 

Side Note: The only issues I have are obviously still the "white" sub brand, but also the fact that foreign technicians/masseurs cost Rs. 1000 more per treatment than local ones. Frankly, given the level of service I received from a local, very experienced technician, I would reconsider this policy and give true experience and skill the credit it's due based on merit and not nationality. 


Make your appointment in advance!


103/7, Galle Road, Colombo 03


It's just before Cinnamon Grand. You'll be able to detect it by the blinding lights.



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