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SPAR Sri Lanka (Kitchen - Battaramulla)

1112 Battaramulla - Pannipitiya Rd, Battaramulla

The food aspect of the leading supermarket chain, SPAR.

This review is long overdue. In fact, this review had been in discussion since the day we reviewed SPAR Sri Lanka's first (and main) branch in Thalawathugoda. And after dragging that plan around for good 2 years, we finally managed to find an opportunity to check out the food counterpart of SPAR.

Food & Drinks

From rice, bakery items, sweets and desserts to bites, burgers, snacks and other pre-cooked meals, they've got quite the variety here. 

We started off our meal with a plate of Mongolian-style Seafood Rice (Rs. 450). The rice was fluffy, well-seasoned and had a bit of oily touch to it, but we didn't mind, as it was flavoursome. However, in terms of seafood, we didn't spot much - aside from some pieces of cuttlefish. The rest, surprisingly, was chicken. 

Each bite of this Beef Lasagne (Rs. 490) was packed with beef. Lots and lots of it. Tangy with a spicy kick, as well as a dash of herbs, it was cooked well too, especially for the given price. Unfortunately though, it was incredibly dry. Probably because it had been sitting on the showcase for a while.

We were excited for the Tamarind Chicken we ordered as a side, but sadly, it didn't live up to our expectations. At Rs. 375, it's offered as a portion of 2 drumsticks. On the good side, the sauce here was wonderful - thick and boasting with that significant tamarind tang. The chicken, on the other hand, was tough and rubbery in texture.
If you love chocolate mousse, this is a very good purchase. Priced at Rs. 195, it seems to have been made with some good quality, local dark chocolate, so the flavour is absolutely rich. Absolutely fluffy, creamy and airy, the texture of the mousse was spot on too.

*Pictured above - Passion fruit Juice (left) and Apple Ginger (right)

Both of these drinks were good. The Passion fruit (Rs. 280) was a refreshing treat made with fresh passion fruit, and the addition of its flesh was a nice touch.

Delivering the flavours of the promised two elements, the Apple Ginger (Rs. 310) had the perfect balance between sweet and sour, while the ginger kick adds an extra zing.


As you walk into the SPAR in Thalawathugoda, the irresistible smell of their kitchen is what greets you, so it's a hard miss. You can either get your food as takeout or eat at the supermarket itself as they have a proper dining space with comfy chairs and tables. The cutlery can be grabbed at the serving counter.


SPAR's attempt to create a restaurant-like establishment inside their supermarket is quite convenient, especially when it's the end of a tiresome shopping session. They certainly can improve the flavours of the food, but we highly recommend their juices if you're in the mood for a refreshing thirst quencher. 

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