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424/12, Kalapaluwawa, Rajagiriya (Delivery)

A splinter cell of Quickee, delivers where its competitors fail. From munchies, to ice, to rolling papers and condoms, they'll sort you out from 10AM to 4AM.

The story behind is quite inspiring. Word on the street is that an ex-Quickee driver started this company after a few disputes with his former employees. From the website, down to the typos, is a Quickee clone that improves upon the original. They've got a decent range of food from restaurants like Tom Yum, Pillawoos, Paan Paan and Royal Burger, plus all the late night needs that really break the deal.

Product Range

The website is split into four sections. There's Quisine (you might recall the spelling from Quickee), Grocery, Smokers and 'Fun Stuff'. So, you can choose from Tom Yum, Paan Paan, Deen's Kitchen, Royal Burger, Pillawoos, Seven Eleven, Curry Pot, and Cafe GP, so there's plenty of options during the day. We're not too impressed with the grocery items. Sugary, fizzy drinks, Red Bull, bottled water and ice cubes are among your few options. Smokers have the option of a few brands and there's plenty range of smoking papers. We feel like that's the real seller, here, given that most people have to make a trip out to Uyana or Mount Head Shop to stock up. 'Fun Stuff' is condoms and card packs.


We decided to test out how well they deliver, so we asked for a pack of ice cubes (Rs. 100), a pack of condoms (Rs. 230), RAW King Size rolling papers (Rs. 480) and Tom Yum's Prawn Toast (Rs. 550). The service is quite polite, and the man who answered the phone spoke English and Sinhala fluently.

Their office is in Rajagiriya, so the rider had to start from there, go to Tom Yum first, pick up the toast, head over to Cargills, pick up the ice and condoms, and then head on over with a bunch of rolling papers for us to choose from. We like that they don't mind us being indecisive about what papers we want. I imagine this would be useful late at night. 

All the items arrived in good condition within an hour of our order. We ordered at 2.47 PM and our order arrived at 3.40 PM. The prawn toast was still quite crunchy, and our ice cubes were intact and hadn't started melting. The pack of condoms came sealed, and the papers have their start sheet. All in all, we're quite happy. We asked if the same order would work out at 2 AM, and we were told that everything save for the Prawn Toast would be doable, thanks to Laugfs 24/7 supermarkets. Win. The delivery rates depend on the destination, with Ratmalana and Malabe at Rs 350/400, and most of Colombo at Rs. 150.


We're glad there's more players in the delivery game, though hasn't quite managed to differentiate from the others. They're faster than Quickee, which isn't saying much given that Quickee's standards have really dropped of late. We were hoping for a 30 minute delivery, but at Rs. 150 delivery charge to Bambalapitiya, we're not complaining. It wasn't raining when we made the order, so we don't know how well their service would operate under rainy weather conditions. 


They're your best bet for rolling papers.


424/12, Kalapaluwawa, Rajagiriya (Delivery)


They are a delivery service.


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