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Spice Market

51/1A, Isipathana Mawatha, Colombo 05

Flavours of Asia delivered to your doorstep.

Asian cuisine is distinctly different, in comparison to the rest of the food in the world. Plus, it changes from region to region within the continent as well. Rice is a common factor, but from spices and sauces to cooking methods and cooking tools, each region in Asia has different characteristics, unique qualities, and a contrast of flavours. 
Spice Market, a commercial kitchen and a sister restaurant to OLIVE, brings a slice of this diversified Asian food culture to your doorstep. 

How To Order

They have both delivery and pickup. You can simply reach out to them via their Instagram handle @spicemarket_cmb and find out about the most convenient option for you. 


Spice Market's menu represents flavours of Middle Eastern, Mongolia, Thailand and Sri Lanka. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the Chicken Kabsa (Rs. 800). Generously rubbed with the signature kabsa spice mix and herbs, the chicken was soft, juicy, well-cooked through, and fell apart so beautifully. In terms of flavour, it was spicy and carried a nice sour undertone.

Thanks to having soaked in all that goodness in the chicken, the rice was absolutely flavoursome and aromatic. The juicy, refreshing kicks of the fresh zucchini and tomato made the overall taste a well balanced, complete one. We were quite pleased by the amount of beef in the Mongolian Beef (Rs. 750). There was a lot! Soft and slightly chewy, just as they should be, these robust pieces of beef tasted great with the wok-fried, sauce infused Mongolian-style rice. The rice was tempered with plenty of veggies as well, including colourful bell pepper and cabbage.

The Chocolate Eclair (Rs. 190) was a nice surprise! Often we find these bakeries and home bakers who claim to have the best eclairs in town, but often they disappoint us. But boy oh boy! Not the Spice Market!

With a soft, excellently prepared choux pastry, and a creamy, sweet, chocolaty filling, this is definitely one of the best eclairs we've had in the city. Seriously, our only regret is not ordering more of it. 


It's an easy pick for a flavourful, Asian-style lunch/dinner. Prices might sound a bit high for a commercial kitchen, but they offer sizable portions and flavours that are worth trying out.

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