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Spice Road

No 10, Bernard Soysa Mawatha, Colombo 05

A spot that does some solid short eats.

Spice Road is a new resto down Kirula Road, that has been open for a few weeks. From what we gathered throughout our First Look, it's a solid spot for some short eats, and their rice and curries aren't too shabby either. 

Food & Drinks

For the Egg Rice & Curry (Rs. 230) we were served with a good portion of fluffy white rice, accompanied with dhal, long beans, baby jackfruit, carrot sambol and of course, a boiled egg. It's more of a set menu, so you don't get to pick the curries you want on your plate.

The baby jackfruit was soft and chunky and the dhal was nicely tempered, while the long beans curry landed on the milky side. A little more curry flavour in the mix would have made it all better. 

The carrot sambol had a dash of coconut scrapes, which got along well with the crunchy pieces of carrot and the sprinkle of pepper. 
The Chicken curry (Rs. 180) we ordered on the side had a spiced up, flavoursome gravy, but the meat itself was a tad tough in texture. 

*Pictured above - Devilled Chicken Bun (left) and Fish Patty (right)

Both of the short eats we grabbed off the display were well-executed.

  • Deliciously crispy to the bite, the Fish Patty (Rs. 60) had a stuffing that's rich with bits of mackerel, onions and leeks, along with a subtle peppery kick. 
  • The filling of the Devilled Chicken Bun (Rs. 80) was lovely. There was quite a bit of chicken involved which were not exactly devilled, but flavourful nonetheless as it had been smothered with spices. The bun itself was soft, airy and had a tinge of sweetness to it. 

Everything was washed down well with this glass of refreshing Iced Coffee (Rs. 100). 

Ambience & Service

The ambience here is airconditioned, quite small, yet nice. Featured above is the outdoor seating area, but they have an indoor space too; arranged with white coloured wooden chairs and tables.

The staff was welcoming, friendly and efficient. 


Spice Road is pretty new and has been keeping things simple. They've got hoppers in the evening, and special meals on poya too. We are planning to drop by in the near future for the full review. 

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