Spinneys Restaurant

No. 9, Old Kottawa Road, Jubilee Post, Nugegoda.

A small resto that serves up Sri Lankanised Chinese fare as well as rice and curry and short eats.

There’s no shortage of eateries in Nugegoda, and Spinnys been around a while in the roster. Located near Jubilee Post, they are small kadey that mainly does Sri Lankanised Chinese fare, as well as short eats and rice & curry. 


Their spread consists of kottu for dinner time, rice & curry during lunch and fried rice, noodles along with chicken, fish, seafood as protein options. You can also get rotis, hoppers and such but they are subject to availability. 

The Pork Fried Rice (Rs. 600) was quite good with a hint of wok-fried aroma while being seasoned to the mild side of things without being oily. It packed plenty of veggies in the mix that contributed the crunch and there were more than enough pork pieces too.

We found more meaty cubes than fatty ones with the pork, which were cooked well, soft and tasted quite porky. Even though we ordered the small portion size, it was quite enough to fill up two hungry tummies. 

Our Mongolian Seafood Noodles (Rs. 600) were a tad oily than we’d have liked but the noddles were cooked well while being light. It was seasoned well, with a very subtle hint of sweetness alongside a lot of spicinesses which made it quite tasty. We saw loads of fish and cuttlefish bits but, not much in terms of prawns in the mix. There were bits of carrots, onion, leeks and tomato too, which added to the texture. The portion size was sharable between two and they can easily make this better by giving it a little tweak too.

Out of sheer curiosity, we ordered up a Devilled Wings & Neck (Rs. 300) portion which was a bit let down. The meaty flavours of chicken got run over by the sweetness coming from the sauces while the chilli flakes added a bit of heat to the mix. The meat itself was a bit too hard for our liking too. We don’t really mind having the neckpieces, they could have made it better if they made it balanced with the wings - because we found only one of that. 

Ambience & Service

They don’t have the biggest space but there are around six chairs around three tables for you to either take your meal or wait until they prepare your order.

The place is clean and the cashier was a polite lady. We did have to wait a little bit as they took a long time to wrap our takeaway order. 


When it comes overall, it was a hit-or-miss kinda situation. However, their prices are decent, and if you are in the area in need of a place to grab something to take away, we can point towards Spinneys.