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175, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 04

Splash is an international franchise with an awesome collection of casual and party wear. It's pricey, but they've got a great range of pants, tshirts and denims.

Splash is an international clothing franchise with some great casual and party wear, especially in prints. It's unsurprisingly pricey and reminded us a bit of ODEL from long ago when it was just beginning as something big and fresh. Besides this main Colombo branch they've got a store in K Zone in Ja-Ela

Splash also has stores in India, Egypt, Tanzania, Kuwait, Lebanon and the UAE among other countries. 


If you like simple prints like I do, then you'll love the shirts and pants they have here. They've got a much larger range than Cotton Collection, from jeans to cotton to muslin.

The ladies' section is colourful and extensive, with some very original designs here and there, and thankfully a lot of shades to pick from. There's a lot of cotton and soft materials ideal for tropical weather. The stuff here is pricey, at about Rs. 3000 upwards, with jeans going over Rs. 4000. 

They don't have a lot of accessories, but from the few that we saw (purses and costume jewellery), the collection is pretty unique - great for party wear. The jewellery costs about Rs. 750-1500. 


The guys' section is relatively pretty sober, with long racks of formal shirts and pants. 

They've got a massive collection of tshirts though, priced at about Rs. 2000+. We loved the variety of designs so if you're looking for quality tshirts in original designs this is a good place to browse through. 

There aren't a lot of places that offer a whole load of choice in denim clothing. Splash has got large denim sections for both men and women, whether jeans, shorts or jackets. 

Service & Ambience

It's kind of a self-service place and we weren't helped by any assistants when we visited it last. It's a massive store with a lot to pick from, and pictures of Salman Khan everywhere because he's apparently the face of Splash or something. I've been to a Splash outlet in a mall in New Delhi, India, and though the price tags here are heavy (Rs. 3000 per piece on average), at least they're the same in other countries too, as opposed to the typical import-and-overcharge trend of a lot of Colombo stores. 


Splash is a very good clothing store, as far as range and quality are concerned. The selection of pants and tshirts especially are impressive. It is expensive though, so if you can afford the splurge then it's definitely worth stopping by. 


They've got plain cotton shawls here for just Rs. 750


175, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 04


It's very near the Thunmulla junction, a little ways from Elite Indian restaurant and the HSBC Bank.


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