347, Galle Road, Colombo 3

Sponge is one of the oldest bakeries in the big city, and one of the biggest. They are still going strong with a quality range of savouries and sweets, and now also lamprais and gourmet sandwiches.

Sponge is one of the oldies where Colombo's bakeries are concerned. They go all the way back to 1985. Sponge is still among the best places in the city for affordable shorteats and sweets; they also do lamprais and some decent burgers and sandwiches, and have a cosy cafe space to chill out in.

The Food

This is my new favourite place for savouries. We tried the Chinese roll, maalu paan and chicken pies, and they were all top quality - delicious fresh fillings, generously stuffed, and costing about 70-120 bucks. They seem to have a wider range of short-eats available than at most places, with vegetarian options as well. If you love maalu paan as much as we do, this is one of the good places to try it out.

They also have a promising range of burgers and sandwiches available, so we gave the chicken burger a shot, not expecting much. This cost Rs. 240 and came in a cute size about the size of a maalu paan, with soft bread, simple dressing and cheese and a very nice thick, soft section of well ground meat - quite a good burger for a bakery.

We didn't try their range of cakes this time but they are usually known to be good. We did however sample the eclairs and chocolate biscuit pudding, as I am prone to try everywhere possible, and while they're not amazing like they are at Tasty Caterers (a strong contender), they're quite alright. Very icing-sugar sweet, and better than at most bakeries.

No, this Spiderman candle is not edible but it's very cool and we got it at Sponge for 80 bucks, because why not?

Service & Ambience

This is not your typical bakery. While the service is typical - you go to the glass counter, pick what you want, pay your bill and grab your snack - the ambience is much nicer than usual. The space directly in front of the glass displays features neat wooden furniture, spotless floors and an open view of the busy Galle Road outside.

What's so nice about Sponge is the front lobby as soon as you walk in. Plenty of very cushy sofas, throw pillows, and warm wooden paneling here to relax and unwind with some affordable snacks and drinks. Like Pagoda Tea Rooms has done, but even better. They seem to have upped their game since the old days, which is good to see.


We are yet to try the lamprais and rice dishes at Sponge, but these guys are legit when it comes to savouries and cakes. It's also a very accessible and comfy place to stop and refresh yourself on a hot day.


Great place for maalu paan.


347, Galle Road, Colombo 3


Sponge is towards the Kollupitiya junction side of Galle Road, opposite Aloe Avenue, Makeen Books and Fab.


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Open 7.00AM to 7.30 PM, 8.00AM to 3.00PM on Sundays

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Lamprais Rice And Curry Cakes Sandwiches

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