347, Galle Road, Colombo 3

Sponge is one of the oldest bakeries in the big city, and one of the biggest. They are still going strong with a quality range of savouries and sweets, and now also lamprais and gourmet sandwiches.

Sponge stakes a pretty strong claim to being the best short-eat supplier in the city. Their selection of pastries, patties, rolls, cakes and other assorted finger-food is really impressive. While a purist might say they veer a little too strongly towards the Europeanized - quiches,asparagus, mushrooms and away from creole essence of the short-eat, it's hard to deny that Sponge has a better range, better presentation and just tastier food than its competitors.

They also combine superior food with a comfortable and recently refurbished premise off the Galle Road in Colpetty. There's a new lounge area with plush sofas and a little mezzanine, so where Sponge was previously more a functional eat and run sort of place a bit of lingering as you digest your chocolate-mousse cake is now possible.

Just about everything is good and they seem to invent new delicacies all the time - on my latest visit I observed fried, stuffed crab claws, spinach and pea tarts. I tried an asparagus, chicken and mushroom pastry (Rs 120) and while this verges on pretentious (I mean asparagus? what's wrong with seeni-sambol?) it was excellent. Light with a generous amount of bacon and slightly crunchy well-cooked asparagus this was pretty superior finger food- the like of which I don't think I can find at Fab, Tasty, Klassy or Perera and Sons.


Great place for maalu paan.


347, Galle Road, Colombo 3


Sponge is towards the Kollupitiya junction side of Galle Road, opposite Aloe Avenue, Makeen Books and Fab.


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Open 7.00AM to 7.30 PM, 8.00AM to 3.00PM on Sundays

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 500

Dish Types

Lamprais Rice And Curry Cakes Sandwiches

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