Sri Jinananda Children's Home

Sri Jinananda Children's Home Sri Sugatha Viharaya, No1, Dharmarama Road, Wellawatte

A children's home for sixty underprivileged boys

The Sri Jinananda Home located on Dharmarama Road, is home to sixty underprivileged boys. Most of these boys have found their way here from broken homes of single parent families who cannot afford to bring them up while others are orphans. The home is just a long hall along the canal next to St Peters College on the other side of the canal.

The hall acts as the area where the boys eat and play and study. You probably pass by this home every single day if you travel on Duplication Road to connect to Galle Road. So that's what they call home. Their daily routine is going to school and after school classes. So they spend most of their lives in doors at the home.

The SJDC is an initiative of Ven. Urumuththe Sugathananda Thero. The home has been around since 1986 to provide a place for children from broken homes. The boys who live at this home are aged between 3 to 19 years and all of them are educated in schools close to the home.

The home is very basic and the caregivers are very kind and caring towards the children. A bunch of us went visiting a few months ago armed with paint and brushes and a whole lot of other girls and boys. We painted and played games to our hearts delight and the boys at the home loved it.

So do call the matron and book a date to visit. The boys would really appreciate the company, or you could take the whole bunch of them out on an excursion now that the school holidays are around the corner or help them home with their groceries. Drop them a text or call the numbers available on your top right-hand side.

This home could really do with some help. “For it is in giving that we receive.” ― Francis of Assisi.


Sri Jinananda Children's Home Sri Sugatha Viharaya, No1, Dharmarama Road, Wellawatte


Go down Duplication road, past Muslim Ladies' College and the St. Peters' sports complex. After you cross the bridge, turn right. The home is just before this lane joins Galle Road.


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