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Stick No Bills (Galle)

35 Church Street, Galle Fort

Stick No Bills has a sick collections of posters and prints at different price points. They've preserved some really cool artwork and design and are worth a visit (in the Galle Fort).

If you've ever been to Galle Fort for a day out, you already know what we're talking about. Stick No Bills is essentially your one stop shop to get some aesthetically pleasing postcards and posters. Especially if you're into the whole "Paradise Island" thing. 

Anyhow, we've been to SNB before, a long time ago, which is why we decided to check them out again. 

The Gist 

Stick No Bills does posters and postcards. Every one of them sells Sri Lanka as the traditional tropical paradise that everyone dreams it to be and every one of them is utterly beautiful.

The posters, like we said before are EXTREMELY touristy. Expect something along the lines of animated depictions of the most iconic parts of being Sri Lankan. Meaning, tea pluckers, surfer dudes, ladies in saris, and cricket etc.

The Essence 

It's hard reviewing postcards. I have no idea how to describe it other than to say that these portrayals of SL are a mix of pictures of old Havana and the way Eva Ibbotson writes in Journey to the River Sea (with a giant splash of being Sri Lankan ofc). Basically, vintage, tropical and beautifully vibrant, they act as the perfect mix between Ceylon then and what it has become now. 

Space and Service 

As a shop, SNB is stellar. It's small, Starkly white and accompanied by rather boring army type writing to make sure that nothing steals thunder from the pictures. 

While the shop is quite small, they had enough staff manning the place to help if you're looking for anything in particular. We particularly enjoyed the way the staff didn't treat us locals differently to the foreigners who were streaming into the shop when we were there.


The stuff at SNB is quite beautiful. So, it's very likely that you'll want to take one of them home. Fear not, broke souls - because, while the posters can be a bit out of budget for us, the postcards are Rs. 350 and are miniature versions of the posters. And don't worry if you want to go just to take a look around. They're quite friendly and they don't mind wanderers. 

You can get more information regarding this here. 


In conclusion, all we can say is that we loved it. The posters are beautiful, the staff was pleasant and it's definitely worth wasting a few minutes at this shop on your wanders around the Galle Fort. 


The posters prints are the best value.


35 Church Street, Galle Fort


It's near the corner of Church Street and Pedlar. Heading into the main Galle Fort gates, you have to turn left and take Church Street. Follow that all the way down, past the Com Bank and you'll see the shop on your left. We recommend parking on the ramparts or elsewhere and walking up, these are narrow roads.


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