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Street Bites


Street Bites is a cloud kitchen that's specialised in local-style bites.

Street Bites provides the bites to your beer. Based in Hokandara, this home cook makes some flavourful local-style bites with different kinds of meats, and delivers them to your front door through PickMe Food.


Street Bites has chicken, pork and seafood-centric bites, and a couple of vegetarian options on the menu.

The Pepper Pork (Rs. 790) was our favourite! Presenting an almost equal mix of meaty and oily bits, everything here was soaked in a tasty pepper sauce. Not only was it peppery, but it also had this nice sour kick. They have added just the right amount of it, so the flavours of the meat properly flow through, while blending in well with the sauce.

We loved the addition of nai miris here, and the handful of curry leaves in the fray, which made things even more interesting. Needless to say, we ate every piece of meat and green in this serving. 

The Devilled Chicken (Rs. 780) had room for improvement. Firstly, it was too oily, and secondly, it lacked the sweet and tangy notes, the two key flavours of any good devilled dish. All we could taste was a dominating saltiness, along with a subtle spicy flavour. 
For Rs. 840, you get 500 grams of chicken wings, which is about six wings. Beautifully caramelised on the outside, and bursting with juiciness at every bite, they were well prepared. The seasoning was simple; just a salt and pepper rub, but we do wish if they could add a little more sweet/spicy sauce to it. Or offer some on the side. 


These goodies by Street Bites are good to pair up with a plate of warm rice too, if beer ain't your thing. If they're not within your PickMe Food radius, simply drop a message to 0711636777, and they'll sort you out.

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