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Street Burger (Street Rush)

293 Galle Rd, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

Street Burger has a new branch in Mount. But, the original one does a better Nitrous.

Street Burger started off as a food truck down Marine Drive. It's been a while since then, and they've grown a lot more since their humble beginnings. 

If you haven't already checked out their Colpetty branch, we highly recommend that you do. And if you think that it's a tad too far, fear not, they just opened a new branch at Mount Lavinia inside Street Rush. 


With at least another 5-8 restaurants having stalls in the building, Street Rush is a rather new venture in Mount that basically exists to bleed the wallets of all those living in Mount and it's general vicinity dry. 

Warm lighting, colourful chairs, a play area and enough seating to seat a literal hundred people who come in, the ambience at Street Rush is constructed to be a very nice version of a fast-food court. 

And Street Burger fits right into the scene. 

The Food 

The menu at Street Burger revolves around chicken, beef and veg options. They also do a few drinks and appetizers on the side, but if there's one thing that makes Street Burger that much better than the rest is their burgers. That being said though, we decided to give one of their sides a shot at glory as well. 

This is what they refer to as Ripple Stripes (Rs. 420), essentially a paper cups worth of sliced and grilled chicken breast with a side of sauce. 

For Rs. 420, this is a steal. There's actually quite a bit of chicken going on and which was made very nicely. Thin enough for you to be able to taste the lightly charred bits, but not too thin that you think them stingy, it was perfect. 

The Chicken itself hadn't been marinated in too many things so the taste of chicken pulled through beautifully with a delicate salt and pepper undertone that went wonderfully with the mayo and katta sambol looking sauce they give on the side.

Sandwiched between 2 beautifully sweet, moist buns, the Nitrous (Rs. 690) burger was essentially a mix of grilled chicken, cheese, mayo, lettuce and a slice of chicken ham. The sauce at the bottom helped with adding some sort of character to the burger, but, all in all, it was quite all right at best. 

However, the Nitrous we had at their Colpetty branch was much, much better. 

The Radiator (Rs. 690), on the other hand, was brilliant. A thick, well ground beef pattie with a combination of lettuce, onion, cheese, onion and a whole layer of Jalapenos, it was great. 

The slightly sweet buns combined with the meaty beef and the creaminess of the cheese and the tangy, spicy jalapenos was utterly beautiful. One of the best burgers in town. 


The service at Street Burger was pretty straight forward. The staff were very helpful in helping us figure out which ones we wanted to get and managed to serve them up within 10 minutes. 


In conclusion, we are happy that Street Burger decided to branch out into the wild. That being said though, the Kolpity one does a better Nitrous, so, if you're planning on ordering a Nitrous, we suggest skipping out on this. But, they do do a killer Radiator, which we highly recommend. 

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