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Street Food Factory

Commercial Bank Car Park, Colombo 03

  • Closed right now

Street Food Factory is the newest member of the slowly growing food truck scenario in Colombo.

The food truck scene is running full throttle in Colombo nowadays. Most of those are parked up and down Marine Drive with a few dotted around the area. Street Food Factory has found its spot in the Colpetty Commercial Bank’s parking space. We dropped by them once before for our First Look and now this time, let's see how they prevailed in a full review.


The menu is pretty straight-forward. You have a choice of protein, either chicken or beef. Both are offered with or without cheese, and if you want a meal full packed with meat, you can choose their double patty option.

We decided on Double Double with Beef (Rs. 690) which is their signature burger and CheesyChicken (Rs. 520).In the CheesyChicken, The bun was soft, adequately sized and had enough strength to hold everything together without getting soggy. There was a good slathering of sauce that had a slight spiciness to it and we wouldn’t have minded more of that. The chicken patty was cooked well and we were glad that they didn’t overdo the tomato, lettuce and onions, which added a decent crunch. All in all, this wasn’t a bad burger, but we would have liked the burger to be a bit juicier.

The DoubleDouble burger came with a fried egg, cheese, two beef patties and veggies. The beef patties were cooked well and carried an adequate amount of meaty feeling with the cheese while the egg making it cheesy and slightly creamy.

Juiciness was good enough here, but we wouldn't mind if they crank it up a notch with the sauce to make everything a bit more juicy and messy. However, this burger was the better of the two and we enjoyed it. But still, they have room to improve. 

We ordered their Hand Crafted Potato Chips (Rs. 200) but what we got was just normal French fries. On top of that, it was as if someone had cooked it with their eyes closed. It was over-fried, crumbly and way too salty.

Service & Ambience

We didn’t have to wait long to get our order and the person at the counter was polite. They have put up a few chairs and tables around the area that they have rented out from the car park so you can enjoy your food right then and there. Or you can always take a small walk to the seaside and enjoy the breeze with the meal. 

We were made aware that they don't include MSG or artificial flavours and that they grow their vegetables, especially lettuce and tomatoes, in a private estate to make sure they are organic.  Also, they do claim their sauces are made in-house but we got no indication of such at the time of our order, or that we can request to adjust the sauces.


Sreet Food Factory makes an okay burger. They are decent in terms of price as well as service. If you are in the vicinity, we can direct you here to grab a quick late night bite at the place or take it home after work. Since our Frist Look they have certainly improved in some ways while taking a step back in the some. However, we hope they keep on improving in all the angles.


Get the Double Double.


Commercial Bank Car Park, Colombo 03



Closed right now

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1500

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Fast Food

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