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Street Grill

65/B, Thalawathugoda Road, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

A roadside grill that serves some good BBQ , as well as a yummy black pork curry.

After driving around in their mobile grill for a while, Street Grill now has a permanent spot down Thalawathugoda Road, where you can sit down for a meal. We dropped in for an early dinner and had the most filling meal for just Rs. 1700. Super impressive!


They grill many kinds of meats (chicken, beef, pork) and seafood (prawns and mullets), which you can get as they are, or stuffed in wraps, burgers or submarines. Aside from that, they also do a couple of curries, which they serve with Dhal Curry, Pol Sambol and Roast Paan

Clocking in at Rs. 599, this Black Pork Curry Combo is the sweetest deal ever. Well curried up with a whole lot of spices, the black pork curry was spicy with a hint of sourness and had a handful of curry leaves working its magic. The meat itself was soft, wonderfully marinated and there were no chewy, boney, tough, or gristly bits in sight. A very little amount of fatty bits were there, and the gravy that comes with it was rich too. All in all, it's a winner!

The dhal curry had a tempered touch to it, also a lovely curry taste and was served with a lot of gravy. Spicy and sour in the perfect balance, this pol sambol had bits of green chillies in the fray, a few pieces of Maldivian fish, and a zesty lime kick.

All these paired well with the freshly grilled roast paan. You can easily share this portion with two, and can ask for more roast paan if you need.

The Grilled Chicken Wrap (Rs. 450) arrived with three kinds of sauces - BBQ, Nai Miris and Tomato, and a helping of Potato Wedges.

Packed to its gills with grilled chicken, bits of lettuce and tomato, the wrap had a smoky flavour to it, along with a bit of tang. I personally prefer if they can go easy on the tomato content here, but my husband didn't seem to mind it.

Make good use of the Nai Miris sauce if you prefer a bit of heat.


In terms of drinks, we ordered a Black Current Virgin Mojito (Rs. 300) and an Iced Milo (Rs. 250).

Fizzy and sweet, this mojito comes with that fresh hit of lime and mint. Quite refreshing. 

The Iced Milo was good too, but needs like one or two more spoonfuls of Milo powder in the mix, as it seemed to have landed on the milky side.

Ambience & Service

It's a roadside BBQ joint - the busy Thalawathugoda Road runs right next to it. It's noisy, but all thanks to their great playlist and yummy food, we were distracted. Lit with string lights, it's quite nice out here at night.

A friendly bunch of guys runs the operations here, and they were quite helpful. Our food and drinks were served within around 10 minutes. They seem to have a lot of takeout orders too.


If you live in the area or regularly passing by, you should consider yourself very lucky. Make a stop at Street Grill for a delicious dinner meal that would fill you up without making a hole in your wallet.

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65/B, Thalawathugoda Road, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte


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Open until 11:00 AM

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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