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Street Meet

Galle Road, Colpetty

  • This place has closed down

A street-food joint in a compact, graffitied space in Colpetty.

Street Meet is a new joint down Colpetty which attempts to recreate an authentic street-dining experiece. They've got graffitied walls, an outdoor kitchen, and pine-coloured bunks and benches to this end, along with a huge blackboard on which the menu items and prices are displayed.


It's interesting to see such a casual joint opening up without having the usual ambience of the equally casual kottu-joints. The place is clean, has a rushed atmosphere to it (we popped in for lunch on a weekday and they'd been open for a month), and seems to be a popular spot for working men around the area to stop by for their midday meal. Their slogan is "Eat, Meet, Repeat".

They've got a selection of burgers and kottu, including seafood kottu. Shawarmas exist in the evening, we were told. Despite having been up and running for about a month, they hadn't officially launched when we'd stopped by and were planning on having their opening on the Friday after (ergo, they should have ironed out their kinks by now).

We picked a Chicken Cordon Bleu (Rs. 300) based on the manager's recommendation, along with a Beef Burger (Rs. 220) and a Seafood Kottu which accidentally morphed into a Mixed Kottu (Rs. 500) by the time it reached us.

The burgers were fresh and the bread warm, but could have done with a bit more going on. The chicken in the Bleu was lovely, nicely breaded, and quite flavoursome on its own. We're not going to go into detail about the food and how it was, especially since this is just a preview: but will mention that the burgers lacked zest and could be improved with pickles or tomatoes.

Also a bit more beef.

Available drinks at the moment are sodas and fresh juice, depending on what fruit's available.

We tried their mango juice, which had an authentic karuthakolomban flavour and was nice, but lacked ice.

Meanwhile, their kottu is unexpectedly good — soft, large pieces of chopped up rotti, along with a killer gravy which they're pretty proud of, we'd recommend this. The mixed one (which we had) comes with bits of chopped up fish, squid, and chicken.

The graffiti is neat, it's apparently done by a friend of the manager's and he's done a darn nice job.

We're looking forward to trying them out soon as they're past their teething stages. Their concept is cool, and they've got the drive and dedication but should ideally spice up their meals a bit more.


Go in the evening for Shawarmas


Galle Road, Colpetty


About a minute's drive after passing Crescat, just before the Colpetty Junction. It's one in the line of shops right there.



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This place has closed down


Western Sri Lankan Fast Food Fusion

Price Range

Between Rs. 200 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Meats Kottu Burgers Shawarma

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