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Subway (Mount Lavinia)

275, Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

The Subway franchise opened their second outlet in the suburbs of Mount Lavinia.

With more than half a century behind the name, Subway doesn't really need an introduction. They landed here a few years ago and Colombars went nuts for it. I mean, who doesn’t love a good sub, right? 

But that hype is now weaned down, not just in Sri Lanka but even in their home turf. While rivals went full overdrive into advertising and pulling ahead, Subway slowly slotted to just another place to get submarines. Nevertheless, we still remember how they made decent submarines, which is why we were more than happy drop by their branch down Mount Lavinia.


We here at YAMU really liked Subway back in the day, but our recent experience at the Colpetty one was a total bust. From funky looking meats to sad excuse of veggies, the whole place wasn’t what we used to love. Which is why we were happy to see how their Mount branch is trying to keep up their standards without falling apart.

We decided to get the White Italian bun - which is the default option in the BMT (Rs. 440). The bread itself was slightly toasted and had a good texture, while the filling comprised of salami, pepperoni, and ham. Unless you choose to customise your sub, it comes with the standard veggies - cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, jalapenos and onions.

However, they added a bit too much of the veggies, which ended up drowning out all the meaty flavours. Still, the veggies were fresh, juicy and did not make a soggy mess. Southwest, BBQ and a tad bit of tomato sauce made for the extra flavour. 

The Chicken Teriyaki Sub was Rs.600 and went through the same process, sporting the same veggies. You can always customise the elements and I wholeheartedly encourage that. The slightly toasted Parmesan Oregano bun went well with it. We wanted some cheese in our sub but, unfortunately, they only had Old-English cheese. While it was plentiful with well-cooked chicken pieces, the overall flavour was a little bland. Anyway, the red chillies, mayo and a bit of tomato sauce came in for the rescue.

A rather helpful staff member suggested that we try the Seafood Spread (Rs. 380), when she noticed that we were indecisive about what to get next. With a rather firm wheat bread, this one was a little different than we expected. The spread didn’t carry any overwhelmingly obvious seafood notes, even the staff guaranteed that it was made with cuttlefish. It was more of a “typical” fishy taste than anything, that ended up tasting surprisingly good with the pepper touch.

We wish we went easy on the veggies here as well, as that would have helped the seafood flavours to pop out a bit more. Nevertheless, the sweet chilli sauce and the light drizzle of mayo helped to improve the overall flavour.

Ambience and Service

Folks manning the counter had a pleasant smile on their face, and seemed to know their way around the menu. There was plenty of space in the restaurant, that’s well lit and properly maintained. We didn’t have any complaints here and hope they keep up the good work.


If you want to try out and go crazy on the selections and eventually regret your choices or brag to your friends about the awesome sandwich you assembled, Subway is a place you will enjoy.

As opposed to their Colpetty branch, we were delighted to see that this branch succeeded in rekindling hopes about Subway. I for one, personally am looking forward to returning and grabbing a few more of their flavours.

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