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Subway (Rajagiriya)

No. 49/1, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Ethul Kotte, Rajagiriya

The Subway franchise has finally set up shop in Rajagiriya. It's great for people who live in the area because we don't have to haul ourselves over to boring old Colpetty for our sandwich fix.

The Rajagiriya/Battaramulla/Kotte neighbourhood is starting to get super mainstream with a bunch of new boutiques and eateries popping up. Subway's the newest addition.


Ordering is the same as everywhere else. You tell them what you want, they'll prepare your sub for you accordingly. Their vegetables are very fresh, as is their meat which makes for a much healthier fast food option. They've also got their same, amazing cookies as well as a few drink options like juice, sodas and coffee.
They've got a promotional item called the Mutton Kofta (Rs. 590) which comes with a free Coke Zero. 
It's got three pieces of kofta and I decided on lettuce, tomatoes and olives for my vegetable options. 

Tastewise the mutton kofta really isn't that impressive. It's got garlic-aioli sauce infused into it which is probably what threw me off. They also tell us that it's been 'marinated with Arabic Spices' but it was rather bland.

It wasn't bad, but something about it just wasn't satisfactory. Perhaps it's the blasphemous use of the word 'kofta' to describe dry mutton chunks. Oh well.Vishvi got herself a Chicken Pizziola (Rs. 590) with a helping of tomatoes and lettuce with mozzarella cheese along with some sweet chilli sauce. She's pretty good at picking her ingredients because the minimal amount of side-toppings didn't overpower the chicken and pepperoni.

It boasted a somewhat chicken-curry sort of flavour and with their Jalapeno-Cheese bread,made this one an instant favourite.

It's safe to say that Subway is a very veg-friendly place that doesn't leave the herbivores out. It's got two different vegetable patties you can choose from: the 'Ala' (potato patty) and the vegetable patty. 

The Ala Patty sub (Rs. 450) is your average sandwich substituted (haha) with the potato patty and your choice of vegetables. 
It isn't anything to sob with happiness about and I felt like we were chomping on salad and bread (which is basically what it was) but that's okay. 

Service & Ambience

Their staff is always friendly in pretty much all their outlets, and this place was no different. The ladies behind the counter are friendly and bubbly, and will have your sandwich ready in no time.Back in the day, this used to be a dingy old DineMore outlet with a bunch of angry people manning the counter. 
They've still retained the same interior plan but they've furnished it with comfy seating, a bunch of framed vegetables (?) hung up on the walls and so on.There's an outdoor seating area with a view of the lake. You can head here with your friends and put a small gossip session while munching on semi-healthy submarine sandwiches. 


No more boring drives to the boring watering hole that is Colpetty. Take a boring drive to Rajagiriya instead and get yourself a sandwich today!


They've got frequent offers, so be sure to check up on them. Also a combo of their sweet chilli+honey mustard sauces is what you need to give your sub a flavour kick.


No. 49/1, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha, Ethul Kotte, Rajagiriya


It's where the old DineMore used to be. Right past the bridge onto your left.


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Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Salad Cookies Submarines

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