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Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar

5, Alexandra Place, Colombo 07

  • Open until 11:00 PM

The Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar has set up shop amongst the swanky cafes in the newly revamped ODEL foodcourt.

ODEL's new Promenade is one of Colombo's best new spaces, with a bustling crowd and lots of dining options. Sugar Bistro is a pretty good fit here, serving up cocktails, wine, and comfort food.

Drinks & Dining

We're really impressed by the prices of wine here (both bottles and glasses). You can get a glass of house red or white as low as Rs. 550, and bottles start at about Rs. 2700.

We opted for a couple of their standard cocktails, a Passion Mojito (Rs. 650) and a Mango Daiquiri (Rs. 600). Both were superb both in terms of quality and quantity, using fresh ingredients and plenty of alcohol. The prices don't hurt either.

For our mains, we opted for one of Sugar's classic burgers, a Smokey BBQ Bacon Burger which clocked in at exactly Rs. 1000. One of my usual orders here, this burger is great, featuring juicy medium-cooked beef (you can opt for chicken instead), a tiny fried egg, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, strips of bacon, and oodles of BBQ sauce. It comes with a side of juicy fat chips, sauces (ketchup and mayo if you ask), and pickled vegetables. 

We also decided to try their fish and chips, but this is where our experience dipped. While the F&C looked perfect, it was impossible to cut into, as it was covered in a tough, thick dough. I tried tearing apart the dough, to find rather insipid overcooked fish inside (not a soft fish like cod either). I asked for a replacement (which was brought out with apologies and in a ridiculously quick 5 minutes), but it was exactly the same.  

The staff, sensing my hunger and unhappiness, immediately suggested something else so I went with the Butter Chicken Pie (Rs. 925).

A flaky pastry ensconcing a generous amount of butter chicken curry, the pie comes with a bed of somewhat bland mashed potato, a topping of bland mushy peas, and a little bowl of bland gravy. Basically, the pie itself is great (albeit a little undercooked in the staff's hurry to bring my second replacement meal out), but its trappings are as dull as dishwater. 

We concluded our meal by poking our noses around the inner section's dessert cooler and going through some heart-searching in order to choose just one dish. Eventually, the Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tart won the bid at Rs. 500. A perfectly tasty albeit slightly hard (might have been in the fridge for a couple of days) tart greeted us with chocolate fondant balls on top. It was just fine, but a tad pricey.


From their chic leafy bar area to the cosier bistro dining area inside, the space is pretty varied. We prefer the bar for a louder beer with friends, the al fresco seating for a cocktail and live music session, and the dim indoors for dining with a vantage view of the dessert cooler.


The service is generally quite good here, although it gets slowww on busy Friday and Saturday evenings. Our waiter this time was new and didn't really know his way around the menu (and bizarrely brought us a full fried egg along with our meals and charged us for it), but the rest of the staff including the management were wonderful when we had our fish and chips issue. They listened to our problem with the dish, immediately tried to resolve it, and made sure to check up on us. We were really impressed by how nice and proactive they were. 


Every restaurant has had an off dish or issue at some point, but how they deal with is what sticks with you as a customer. In Sugar's case, we left feeling taken care of and like the management and staff were actually interested in fixing the problem at hand. Apart from that, the burger and the cocktails were superb as always, so we'd definitely recommend those or a nice bottle of wine. You should also try the churros if you really want to treat yourself!


No alcohol is served between 2 - 5 PM.


5, Alexandra Place, Colombo 07


The ODEL department store is right down Alexandra place, in Town Hall.



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