Sugar Rush

329, Park Road, Colombo 05 (Call first)

Sugar Rush is another home-baker who makes some very nice fudgey brownies, and a great creamy lemon cake.

Sugar Rush is another new Colombo home baker, and they make some really awesome fudgey brownies. We tried a bunch of their Valentines special brownies (heart-shaped ones), their brownie-cupcakes, and their lemon cake. 

The brownie-cups, with butter cream frosting, were basically very heavy brownies squished into cupcake form. These came cold and cupcakes are usually more enjoyable warm and soft - regardless, they were brownies, so not much harm done. The fudgyness was strong in this one, and the frosting was quite creamy too. So overall, the brownie-cups are a super sugary and heavy snack, and just one or two feels like a whole lot. 

I loved the little heart shaped brownies. These were much easier to digest - they were softer, crumbly, with a middle cream layer, and they make adorable finger food at a party. These are good brownies, though Rs. 120 each, which is a lot considering the size. 

Sugar Rush right now seems to have its main focus on brownies and cupcakes, but we were glad to find they've also started doing a lemon cake. It's amaze, and deserves a 4/5 rating all on its own. There aren't a lot of people who make good lemon cake - lemon is an underrated flavour for some reason. This cake, for only Rs. 1000, is easily enough for about a dozen people: it's layers of cake, with lemon cream between, and a whole bucketload of it slathered on the top. The cake was wonderfully soft and the flavour, especially the after-taste, is awesome - but it's strong so this is probably only if you're into this flavour. 

The Sugar Rush minimum order is 6 pieces, and they were around Rs. 120 each. So you'll probably spend about Rs. 1500 for a set of twelve - the usual rate for home baked food these days. 


Sugar Rush is a good choice if you want brownies (also check out Milk & Honey, Yumi Cake and Thush's for great brownies). Also if you're a big lemon cake fan, these guys do some of the best. 


Brownies are your best bet.


329, Park Road, Colombo 05 (Call first)


Heading down Park Road from Havelock Road, you have to pass Cargills and Jack Tree - and just after Shalika Grounds, it's the black gate on your left.



Open 9.00AM to 8.00PM

Price Range

Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

Dish Types

Brownies Cakes

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