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Superfood Café

No 64, Davidson Rd, Colombo 04

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Healthy food doesn't have to be boring and Superfood Café is proving it with its vibrant food with delicious flavours.

Colombo's healthy food scene has been picking up at a rapid pace for the past few months. With veterans like Calorie Counter and Eat Right branching out, and new spots like Pure Kitchen, Health House popping up, while home-based businesses like Saladgram entering the fray, there's a huge trend in healthy living in Colombo.  
It's a good thing, really, and most of them seem to know the art of pulling off healthy food in a delicious way. The all-new Superfood Café is yet another member stringing to this throng, with a delicious bunch of super healthy harvest bowls. We loved them back then when they were a part of Villa Raha, and our experience this time wasn't any different.


You can BYOB here, AKA - Build Your Own Bowl, or settle for a pre-customised one. Depending on the level of hungriness, you can go with either medium sized bowl, or a small one. 

My lunch partner built this bowl for himself. Packed with mixed salad leaves, warm couscous, avocado, zucchini, roasted pumpkin, quail egg, Halloumi cheese, garlic, carrot, baked eggplant paste and slow cooked beef, this one also carried Superfood Cafe’s signature chickpea sauce.

Clocking in at Rs. 1300, this is the medium-sized bowl, and it would fill you up while not making you overly stuffed. Every element here was well-executed. The beef was spot on with its juicy, succulent texture, the mountain of veggies and herbs at play was fresh as it can get, complimenting the signature chickpea sauce that intensified the overall flavour. 

If taken separately, these components might be a bit boring, but altogether, it makes for a one giant bowl full of flavours, health and happiness. So always make sure to mix it up well, like you are eating a salad. 

This is my Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl (Rs. 900 for small size) - a pre-customised bowl on the menu. With freshly cut pieces of tomato, grated beetroot, perfectly boiled mung beans, avocado and some deliciously made stir-fried chicken, layered over a helping of adequately cooked red rice, this one was quite good too. 

This time around, the chicken was the winner. Creamy and very subtle on the spices, it was delicious. We also enjoyed the buttery, rich and fruity contribution of the avocado, while the tangy pieces of tomato burst into flavour with each bite. 


Superfood Cafe serves up a range of healthy drinks, and we tried one of them - the Green Detox (Rs. 500).

It's a refreshing a blend of green apple, celery and cucumber - which is perfect for beating the blistering Colombo heat in a healthy way. A tad on the bitter side, but the swirl of sourness added by the green apple can make it go away. 

They also have a range of some interesting Kombucha, if that's your cuppa tea. 

Service & Ambience

The new location of the Superfood Café might look like that it's a part of a corporate building from the outside (which it actually is), but when you step inside, that feeling will go away. Neatly aligned with wooden tables and comfy bunch of cushioned chairs, this space is also cluttered with various plants, giving it a cosy, homey vibe. 

The owners of the place seem to be present at always, and they are happy to assist you with anything - from choosing the elements on our bowl to how you are supposed to eat it. Our food took only about 5 - 10 minutes to arrive.  


Superfood Café does an excellent job in delivering some of the healthiest dishes we've seen, in the most delicious form. It's just the place to drop by and enjoy some guilt-free meal after gulping down weeks of carbs. 


No 64, Davidson Rd, Colombo 04


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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Salad Healthy

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