Surf Eka

562, Galle Road, Dewata, Galle

Great pizzas, cocktails and surf lessons by the beach.

A fairly newcomer in the vicinity of Dewata beach, Galle, Surf Eka puts together some of the most favourite things that any traveller would look for in down south; good food, boozy cocktails, a breath of fresh sea breeze and surfing. 


Surf Eka covers the basics of cafe fare, with a collection of burgers, sandwiches, pasta and local curries, but they also do pizza, which seems to be their biggest seller. The breakfast menu includes a collection of smoothie bowls and other Western-style breakfast dishes (Egg Bens and the likes) and they're available only until 11 AM. 

The rumours are true, Surf Eka does some good pizza. The BBQ Chicken Pizza (Rs. 1400) we opted for had the crispiest crust and was randomly freckled with charcoal on the edges. On top of that lies a layer of pizza sauce, followed by creamy mozzarella which balances out the tangy notes of the sauce so beautifully. 

Every slice was well-loaded with chunks of barbecued chicken. With a whiff of smokiness to taste, they were juicy on the in, but a little tough from the outside. Altogether with pizza sauce, mozzarella and meat, you're in for a treat!

We spotted a few interesting Lankanised takes on some beloved Western dishes on Surf Eka's menu, and thus decided to go with this Sri Lankan Style Quesadilla (Rs. 750). 

Served with the helpings of mayo dip, roast potatoes and a side salad, the quesadillas were packed with a concoction of curried-up polos (young jackfruit) and mozzarella. Made with a cocktail of spices, the polos pieces were chunky and soft, while the mozzarella eases up the curry flavours. According to the manager, this is a mild version of it. You can ask them to make it spicier if you like. 


Ranging from fruit juices, smoothies, coffee, shakes to iced tea, wines, cocktails and mocktails, the drinks menu at Surf Eka is quite impressive. We tried the Ginger Burst (Rs. 500) and Sunset Eka (Rs. 800). 

The Ginger Burst promises the ginger kicks and delivers them. A combination of Ceylon supreme tea and ginger, it also had a few slices of orange swimming about, adding a sour undertone to the profile. Refreshing and positively gingerly, the tea kahata flavour here was a bit diluted. But aside from that, we have no complaints. 

If you're into the whole sour-bitter-fruity affair, this is a superb choice that you can go for. Known as the Sunset Eka, it's a blend of whisky, cherry brandy, peach syrup and freshly squeezed lime juice. The tartness is what catches your attention first, followed by the fruity notes, and then comes the bitter aftertaste. Brilliant! 

Ambience & Service 

The ambience at Surf Eka opens you to a good dose of vitamin sea. Couple it with the ease of access to Dewata beach and the relaxing setup, and it's a winner.

The staff was polite, efficient and friendly. We had a nice chat with them and they were happy to get our input on what they can do to improve around there. From what we gathered, they also offer accommodation and surf lessons. 


Surf Eka is a spot that one should not simply miss at their next trip to Galle. They're not harsh on the wallet and provides value for money with some great food, drinks, and the spectacular views of the down south coastline. 

*Photographs courtesy of: @raveen.re