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Sushiz Multi Cuisine

10th Ln, Colombo 03

An affordable Indian resto down Marine Drive.

Sushiz Multi Cuisine is a resto down Marine Drive that does both Indian and Chinese fare. From what we gathered throughout our experience, it's a wallet-friendly option for Indian food, especially if you're in the area, and dining as a group. 


On the day we visited, they were limited to just Indian, non-tandoor things.

The Murg Dum Biriyani (Rs. 695) was a fluffy portion of rice infused with spices and served with a fried egg, instead of a boiled one that we usually get in a biriyani. On the good side, the rice wasn't oily and presented a subtle whiff of smokiness, but in terms of flavour, it was quite mild. The accompanying raita and gravy helped to add some taste to it, alongside the chunks of well-cooked chicken it had hidden underneath. 

Packed with a strong tomato tang to boot, the Kadhai Paneer (Rs. 695) had a creamy gravy featuring a good amount of creamy paneer cubes absorbing its flavours. It can certainly use some more spices, but all in all, it was all right. 

Out of the lot, the Mutton Chettinad Masala (Rs. 795) was our favourite. It's probably not the most authentic take on Chettinad curry, but flavoursome nonetheless. Enriched with spices, the gravy had a slight sweetness to it, while the mutton pieces were well cooked and deliciously chewy.

Plus, it was mostly meaty bits and not bones.  We managed to mop it up with some Chapathi (Rs. 100 each). 


Sushiz has a range of juices and lassi to wash down your meal. We opted for a Lime Soda (Rs. 175) and a Sweet Lassi (Rs. 325).

*Pictured above - Sweet Lassi (left), and Lime Soda (Right)

The Lime Soda was spot on. Not too sugary nor tart, its flavours were well balanced and was refreshing on the palate. 

The Sweet Lassi followed suit. Made with curd and coupled with just the right amount of sugar, it was light, filling and again, refreshing. 

Ambience & Service

It looks like a ground floor of a house flipped into a restaurant. Tucked into a corner of the 10th Lane, it's not hard to spot. The inside of the restaurant is a bit dark but quite spacious; enough to accommodate around 40 people at a time. 

The staff was welcoming, but albeit curious about us taking pictures of the food. Nonetheless, our server was a helpful fellow who knew the menu well; what's available and whatnot. The food and drinks took around 30 minutes, but we didn't mind as they were fresh out of the kitchen. 


It's an affordable option for Indian cuisine in Colombo, if you don't mind a bit toned-down version of regular Indian food. 

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