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Sweet Layers

No. 02, Nilani Gardens, Bokundara, Piliyandala

Sweet Layers is a home baker based in Piliyandala. They offer a range of baked goods, but their pastries are what really sets them apart.

Sweet Layers is a home baker based in Piliyandala. They offer a range of baked goods, but their pastries are what really sets them apart.

The Food

We recently did a round-up of Colombo’s home bakers, and most of them are pretty awesome. While Colombo has it’s abundance of home bakers, those who live in the suburbs have less of a choice, so it’s great to see places like Sweet Layers coming up. It’s run by a family so they operate from their house in Bokundara, where you can pick up the orders. They offer cakes, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, and pastries (both savory and sweet), with a minimum quantity of 10.

While most of their stuff were pretty good, their pastries were what really impressed us. They offer both sweet danish pastries (Rs. 75) and savory puff pastries (Rs. 60). The prices are also very reasonable since these were a lot better than what you get at bakeries but at pretty much the same price. Just by looking at them we knew they were gonna be good since they looked pretty perfect. Trust me it is not easy to get a proper shape, it either puffs up too much or you end up with charred edges. The taste was just as good as the look with the chicken pastry having a creamy filling with plenty of chicken. The danish pastries had a light sugar glaze on top, one with a thick chocolate filling and the other with marmalade.

We tried both their vanilla (Rs. 80) and chocolate chip (Rs. 85) cupcakes and they were also quite nice. The Vanilla cupcake came with a basic butter cake and the latter came with chocolate cake with chocolate chips. The real highlight of both of these cupcakes were the frosting. I'm not easily impressed when it comes to frosting but I'd gladly eat a tub of this (I have a problem, I know). The chocolate cupcake was particularly interesting since it had a layer of chocolate ganache over the butter frosting which added a nice contrast of textures.

The blueberry muffins (Rs.  60) were spongy with the flavour of the blueberry coming through well. This one was quite simple but we were fine with that since the muffin had just right texture and an adequate amount of blueberry. A good choice for those looking for something that isn't overly sweet.

The chocolate centered macarons (Rs. 75) were the odd ones out here since they did have quite a bit of room for improvement. Appearance is key in a macaron and even the slightest flaw can be noticeable since it has to be perfectly circular, and the ones we got had a few oval sides. Flavourwise they were fine, but the texture was just a bit too dense and didn't have the wafer-like biscuit we were looking for. Macarons are notorious for being difficult to master with only the likes of Caked really nailing it. Judging by the perfection of their pastries, we think Sweet Layers should be able to figure it out with time.


It's great to see new home bakers like Sweet Layers coming up outside of Colombo. For a homemade pastries, we can't think of a better place.


They also undertake orders for novelty cakes and custom orders.


No. 02, Nilani Gardens, Bokundara, Piliyandala


Sweet Layers is past the Bokundara junction and Food city, turn to Nilani Gardens. It's small lane next to a big blue building. It's house No. 2 down the lane. Best bet is to call them and get directions from Bokundara junction.


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Western Home Baker

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Sweets Brownies Cakes Cupcakes

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