43A, Haig Road, Colombo 04

Tammy is a Colombo home baker that specializes in some unconventional cakes. Her repertoire includes bibikkan, love cake and juggery cake, all of which were excellent.

Tammy is a Colombo home baker that specializes in some unconventional cakes. Her repertoire includes bibikkan, love cake and jaggery cake, all of which were excellent.

The Cakes

Over the past year we've covered a ton of home bakers, who are generally very good for the most part. The thing is, most of them still offer the usual cupcakes, cakes and tarts. That's where Tammy sets herself apart by offering cakes that few others do. While love cake isn't too hard to find, jaggery cake and bibikkan are very rare. The reason is because these types of cakes require a number of high quality ingredients, and a bit of know-how that can't really be learned by just reading a recipe online.

When it comes to prices they aren't cheap at Rs. 1250 for 600g, but considering the ingredients and the taste, we think it's fully worth. Each cake comes gift wrapped quite nicely. It's not overly fancy, but it's simple and feels very personal. All the boxes come with the ingredients and expiry date marked on them (roughly 90 days), so these are ideal for taking abroad.

Bibikkan is a type of Sri Lankan coconut and jaggery cake (well pani pol). I've only had it a handful of times so I'm no bibikkan connoisseur. A good bibikkan is near impossible to find in Colombo, and that's exactly what this is. This one has a plethora of ingredients including pani pol, cashews, milk and a whole bunch of spices.

She's also added in raisins, which I generally hate, but in this case it worked really well. The key points here were how moist the bibikkan was coupled with the richness and the taste of the high quality jaggery. 

The jaggery cake was also excellent. Once again the thing that really stands out is the quality of the jaggery. This one is semolina based but still manages to be moist at the bottom and slightly crusty on top which makes for a nice change in texture.

Love cake is nothing new, but it's also quite difficult to master. While we won't say that Tammy's love cake blew us away like the other two, it's still one of the best we've had in a while. Texturally this one is quite close to the jaggery cake but the flavour and aromas of the essences and spices are different. The bee's honey also works well as a sweetener without being overstated. There's also a bit of brandy in the love cake but it's very mild.

Orders & Pick up

Tammy is a home baker so you need to order at least a day in advance for small orders and three days prior for bigger orders. You can contact her on 0777 681 877.


Tammy's bibikkan and jaggery cake are great alternatives to the usual baked desserts. With Avurudu around the corner, we can't think of a better time to try her stuff.


43A, Haig Road, Colombo 04


Tammy's is down Haig Rd (closer to the Marine Drive end), right next to the Indian Chaat Corner.


Open 10.00 AM - 6.00 PM

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Between Rs. 1000 - Rs. 1500

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Home Baker

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