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Taprobane (Cinnamon Grand)

Cinnamon Grand, Galle Road, Colombo 3

Taprobane's dinner buffet is pretty awesome. For just Rs. 2200, the spread's large and the food's top quality. Highlights? Their egg hoppers and their chocolate fudge.

Taprobane at Cinnamon Grand offers one of the best buffets in Colombo, and while certain elements have room for improvement, they offer the best selection overall with well executed dishes.

The Food

Taprobane can be considered the Grand's "buffet restaurant", although they do offer an à la carte menu. When it comes to price, Taprobane's buffet is one of the most expensive at Rs. 2400, but they also offer the best selection across the board and it's generally packed, so we highly recommend making a reservation even for lunch.

Up until this point we felt that Mount Lavinia Hotel's buffet had the best selection of salads and cured meats, but after experiencing Taprobane's salad bar, we have no doubt they take the top spot in this aspect. They've got everything from individual greens and veggies, to an array of pre-made salads to choose from.

They're also one of the only buffets to offer sushi and sashimi on a weekday. While that is definitely a step in the right direction, the mini nigiri was not up to the standard we expected with undercooked rice and weak finesse. The sashimi was actually better with the tuna and salmon tasting fresh. The best of the Japanese offerings though were the vegetable and tofu makis which had a good balance of flavours and textures.

Its not something you hear to often, but the salads and cold meats really were the highlight of the buffet and had I been able to pay half to have access to just that section, I would gladly have done so. Regardless of what your preferences are, Taprobane's salad section will likely make you very happy with specific salads for most meats and seafood.

We tried the prawn and cheese salad, seafood cream salad and the sausage and cheese salad, along with some tuna tatares, and were didn't really have any complaints with any of 'em. All the salads were fresh, well seasoned and flavoursome while not being too heavy on calories.

I'm a huge fan of cold and cured meats, so I found myself standing in front of the meats section with two plates in my hands, trying to cover their plethora of offerings. Again, all of it was very fresh, with a number of options for each meat. The salami and pork pepperoni in particular were packed with flavour with a slightly spicy undertone.

Honestly, by this point I was damn near stuffed, but nonetheless soldiered on and tried out their mains. Here again Taprobane impressed us with their dishes covering a number cuisines and preparations with locally inspired curries thrown in the mix along with other Asian and Continental options. The highlights here were Sri Lankan pork curry, tempered beef and roast ham with each of the meats cooked very well. If you're looking for something spicy the tempered beef would be right up your alley with plenty of chilli and spices. In between you get the pork curry which had a nice balance, though it should be noted that there's a ton of fat pieces in there.

Finally, the dessert section is probably the weakest aspect of Taprobane's buffet with slightly limited offerings.

The desserts were fine overall, but besides the blueberry delight (blueberry coulis, custard and meringue), we didn't find anything outstanding.

They did however do a pretty good job with their crepe station, where you can have a crepe made and customized using either butterscotch, blueberry or orange toppings.

Ambience & Service

Cinnamon Grand is arguably one of the most frequented hotels and hang out spots among Colombars. They also house a very respectable legion of restaurants which include The Lagoon, Chutneys, Noodles, Echo, London Grill and of course Taprobane, all of which have maintained generally high standards. Taprobane is brightly lit with plenty of natural light coming through as well. The interior is mostly white, which works well with the yellow lighting to give it a simple yet elegant look.

While the buffet is mostly self service, the waiters here were a bit slow and not as responsive as we would have liked. We felt that this was mostly because there were only around four waiters on the floor, which is a tough ask on their part when having to manage such large crowds.


As far as buffets go, Taprobane is pricey, but it's also one of the best in Colombo. With arguably the best salads offerings and a great selection of tasty mains, it's not too hard overlook the minor flaws.


Run for the chocolate fudge bits before they're all taken.


Cinnamon Grand, Galle Road, Colombo 3


From Galle Road, the Cinnamon Grand is between Galle Face Green and Colpetty Junction. Inside the hotel, walk through the second lobby and downstairs.



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Went there on a weekend and it was awesome, There were lots of choices and you really cannot taste everything with in the time. Totally worth!





Went there on a weekend and it was awesome, There were lots of choices and you really cannot taste everything with in the time. Totally worth!

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