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Taste Of Taprobane

Delivery only

Delicious badums that bring a taste of Taprobane.

As the name promises, the Taste of Taprobane brings you a taste of Taprobane, from their super delicious badum (fry) jars. From what we gathered, they use a family recipe, so the taste is very homemade. 

How To Order

Simply pop a message to them on Instagram. They're quite active there, so you'll receive the order confirmation fast. The payments can be made via bank transfer. Or, you can place the orders through WhatsApp - 0765321002.

Our order arrived in a PickMe Flash, and the delivery fee was only Rs. 200 (to Maharagama).

The Badums

Taste of Taprobane has four kinds of badums at the moment - Kesel Muwa Baduma (Banana Blossom Fry), Isso Baduma (Prawn Fry), Haal Masso Baduma (Sprat Fry) and Haal Masso & Kadju Baduma (Sprat & Cashew Fry). Each of them weighs 370 grams. We opted for the first three.

On the sweet side, they do a mango chutney.

Lots and lots of Maldivian fish chips were packed into this Kesel Muwa Baduma (Rs. 590). Finely chopped and well-fried up sweet onions, garlic and banana blossom mixed in with chilli, salt, oil and sugar, it's a great one to pair up with your rice and curry plate. 

I'm just holding a teaspoon here, but can you see the pile of prawns on it? Presenting an ensemble of prawns, onions, garlic, curry leaves, chilli, salt, oil and a sprinkle of sugar, the Prawns Badum (Rs. 690) leans towards the spicy side. And as you can see in this picture, it's quite rich with prawns.

We enjoyed it with some butter slathered roast paan and unu unu pol roti.

The Haal Masso Baduma (Rs. 640) followed suit. A generous amount of sprats, onions, garlic, chilli, curry leaves, salt, oil and sugar. They've chosen tiny sprats to make it, which has given this lovely crispy feel to it.

The sweet counterpart is a tad stronger here, but it nicely complements the overall flavour. A great sandwich filling, a good accompaniment for your kaha buth (yellow rice), or to eat any kind of roti, hoppers, or kiributh really.


We're loving these badums. We got them just a couple of days ago and as of now, we're almost done with the Isso and Haal Masso Badums.

With a shelf life of six months, they come in quite handy as a bon voyage gift. They are a godsend if you want to save some hassle in the kitchen too. More importantly, we highly appreciate how these badums are not oily, nor include any artificial flavours/ preservatives.

Make sure to use a dry spoon to scoop them up, and keep the bottles tightly shut after using.

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