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Tea Avenue (Pita Kotte)

382 Pitakotte - Talawatugoda Rd, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte

The newest outlet from the Tea Avenue franchise, serving reliable cafe experience.

Tea Avenue is a very well known name at this point. They are a growing franchise which offers a good ambience to relax and enjoy your meal. Given our experience with them was generally good, we were quite happy to drop by their new branch at Pitakotte. What is better than some warm comforting food in a moody rainy day, am I right?

Food & Drinks

Their menu is consistent across all of their outlets. Foodwise, they do waffles, sandwiches, pasta and burgers - the usual cafe fare. They have a list of beverages, most of which are variants of hot and cold tea, and coffee-based drinks alongside a few juices.

Their Cafe Mocha (Rs. 680) is known to be good, and this time around, our experience wasn't any different. Decently thick with the right amount of sweetness, the chocolatiness in this cup was able to balance out the coffee notes in the mix. 

Refreshing, relaxing, and aromatic are few of the words that came into mind when we had Iced Blackcurrant (Rs. 540). Packed with tea notes mixed with citrus and wild berry taste, this fruit-infused glass of iced tea was just amazing. It was a big jar full of smooth flavour that one can enjoy after a long, tiring day since it’ll help you feel reenergized while cooling yourself down. 

Our Double Decker Chicken Burger (Rs. 1250) stood towering on the plate, and was consisted of three sizable patties tucked in between sesame embedded burger bun. The chicken patties were battered right, not too thick or thin, and crunchy, and had some pepper embedded - providing a spicy kick. 

There was a generous amount of lettuce, tomatoes, pickles which all seemed quite fresh, and a good drizzle of a sweet sauce to tie everything up together. The only complaint here is that once or twice things ended up overpowering the chicken patty. Even though this chicken burger a winner at the price point, we feel like they can polish up a bit more.

The side of thick-cut fries was dusted to be on the saltier side, paired well with the sauce while the coleslaw seemed fresh. 

This Creamy Prawn Pasta (Rs. 1100) was a plateful of spaghetti that was cooked al dente and came soaked in a creamy alfredo sauce with a hint of pepper. There were around ten plump and juicy prawns here, that contributed to flavour and aroma. We could have liked a bit more cheese but we really didn’t miss it. Serving wise, it’s alright for its price. 

There were eight warm Mozzarella Sticks (Rs. 680) on this plate, and it leaned towards being brown than golden brown. They were battered a bit too thick for our liking and the cheese was milky, not stringy, nor gooey, which was a bit let down. Taste-wise, it’s was alright but we think they have room to improve here. We ended up dunking it in the sweet and spicy sauce to make it interesting.

Ambience & Service

Tea Avenue was able to deliver what is expected from a cafe - to be cosy and relaxing. The place was neat, clean and given the upstairs and downstairs setup, it can seem a bit cramped up if occupied fully but we didn’t have issues. 

They have a doored off room available with space for a group as well, which can be used for meetings, parties and such. 

Ordering our food was hassle-free and everything came to us without much delay. The wait staff were polite and seemed welcoming.


Although the prices are on the expensive side of things, Tea Avenue does good quality foods, drinks and provides cosy, relaxing ambience to match. If you live around Pita Kotte and looking for a place to drop by for a date or a gathering we can recommend this place.

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