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Tea Syndrome

Delivery only

A home-based venture done by two young entrepreneurs.

Tea Syndrome does some good, affordable teatime snacks - both sweet and savoury. A cloud kitchen in Nugegoda, it's managed by two young entrepreneurs (and brothers) - Sh’lom (13) and Jehayel (8) Fernando, with the support of their family. You can order these goodies via PickMe Food.

The Food

Aside from snacks, Tea Syndrome also makes a couple of cuppas. In this review, we decided to check out the food aspect.

The Chicken Lollipops (Rs. 375 for 4) by Tea Syndrome don't taste or look like the usual chicken lollipops made with the middle part of the chicken wing/thigh. In fact, these look way cooler, very much like candy lollipops, except with a delicious ensemble of minced chicken, spices and a sweet sauce stuck onto a wooden stick.

The Chicken Mites (Rs. 285 for 5) are a wonderful combination of chicken and Marmite, formed into well crisped up balls. Drawing some smoky, salty notes from Marmite, and a spicy, meaty kick from the nicely seasoned minced chicken, these two elements complement each other so well. 
For Rs. 400, here you get a homemade Ciabatta bread sandwich, packed with some tasty seeni sambol and meatballs. The bread was fresh, warm and had a chewy exterior, while the inside is soft and airy. It's not necessarily speckled with big air holes, but still of good quality.

Tea Syndrome does some excellent cookies. This Choco Chunk Mania (Rs. 145) cookie was absolutely chewy, moist, and chocolaty. We also spotted a few chunks of rich, gooey chocolate just melting away as the cookie crumbles off to pieces. 


We had a nice afternoon tea session with these goodies by Tea Syndrom. They're wallet-friendly, easy to get your hands on and provide good flavours. Plus, their Ciabatta sandwiches make for a filling lunch/dinner. 

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