Tea Talk

343, Park Road, Colombo05

Tea Talk has got rooms, a restaurant and bikes for hire!

Tea Talk has been there for a while. Anyone who has gone down Park Road more than once, knows that its giant wooden cog has become a significant part of this area. 

We've been here before. And last time we checked out their rooms and stuff as well. This time, we decided to stick to just the restaurant. 


Air conditioning mixed with that gorgeous tea/cinnamon hue in the air makes us say that Tea Talk is probably the best smelling cafe in Colombo. With big comfy chairs, bean bag chairs, heaps of tea bags and plenty of beautiful cushions, we liked it. While it isn't ideal if what you're looking for is somewhere private, it's cosy and lovely. 

The Food

Unfortunately, most of the menu wasn't available on the day we went. But, we did manage to get a Corn Dog with Fries (Rs. 350), a Sri Lankan Seafood Grill Panini (Rs. 480) and a Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 550). 

Essentially just a giant sausage batter fried, we liked the Corn Dog. The sausage was fried till it was nice and crisp on the outside and the crunch accompanied by the well-seasoned batter made this a pretty nice starter. Plus, the fries had a salt and pepper seasoning. We'd recommend it. 

The Panini, on the other hand, was a tad disappointment. The bread was too thin and kind of soggy, while the filling comprised of a bunch of veggies - bell pepper, lettuce and a few bits of prawn and cuttlefish. However, the overall flavour of the filling gave a slight stew type vibe for some very odd reason.

While the fries were pretty much the same as the one given with the Corn Dog, they turned out to be the only likeable part about this plate. 

Then came the Chicken Fried Rice (Rs. 550). We liked this one! With heaps of chicken chunks and loads of veggies, it was lovely. The rice was cooked till it held a fluffy cloud-like texture, not oily, not too salty, which made for our absolute favourite part of this visit.

Plus, the portion is enough to be shared if you're not too hungry. Nonetheless, we would have preferred gravy instead of the tomato sauce because, no matter how good that homemade sauce was (it was), the gravy would have been the cherry on top.  


*Pictured above - Watermelon Juice (left), Strawberry Tea Shake (right)

Their drinks menu solely consists of various tea concoctions and fruit juice. We went with the Watermelon Juice (Rs. 300) and a Strawberry Tea Shake (Rs. 400). The Watermelon juice, we thought was a tad too pricey for what we got. Hella refreshing and having a ghost of sourness running through it, it was watered down a bit. 

The Tea Shake turned out to be a mason jar filled with Strawberry flavoured milk tea. Not overly sweet and tasting more like milk than tea, it was alright. Nothing extraordinary, maybe except for that beautiful cloud of foam with dehydrated tea leaves lounging on top. 


The staff at Tea Talk was wonderful. They were perfectly accommodating throughout our experience. They even managed to bring our food within 10-20 minutes (as promised). All in all, we have no complaints. 


In conclusion, we thought Tea Talk was alright. There were a few ups and down, which they can easily fix. It's a good spot to get some snacks if you are around. 


They have bicycles for hire!


343, Park Road, Colombo05


When you turn into Park Road from Havelock Town, keep going straight until you're a few buildings before Lanka Hospitals.


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