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Teach, Education For The Underprivileged

Samapura H.S, Forbes Lane, Maradana, Colombo 10

Education for the underprivileged

When earning a living and the primary concern is taking care of members of the family, education stands little or, very often, no chance at being pursued by children who hail from poor communities. Education is a basic right of a child but to children coming from poor families, education is considered a luxury to a family who cannot afford to put three meals on the table; through an education - it is the least of their concerns. On the other hand, education is a tool which is also a solution out of the cycle of poverty.

Would you like to be a catalyst to bring change to this cycle by volunteering your time to teach underprivileged children? Are you a teacher? Would you like to volunteer your time to teach children who otherwise cannot afford an education?


TEACH” is a project initiated by to equip underprivileged children around the Dematagoda, Maradana areas. Shamha and her friends are learning how to read 3 letter words. Shamha is 8 years old and does not recognize all the letters in the alphabet. She used to confuse sounds of certain letters and now several weeks down the line, with a little tutoring and encouragement from her teachers at TEACH, she is making progress. TEACH: concentrates not only in teaching English, but also helps children hone in on a  host of other subjects and skills.

TEACH needs your help. The project TEACH runs on the generous giving of people who invest in helping children who otherwise will not receive the education they need. TEACH provides study resources, textbooks and supplies from stationary to uniforms and shoes.TEACH is a project of which is a not for profit organization that works to bring about lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities in need.

To help, you can either fund the project at the crowdfunding site here or for more information call or write to the numbers provided at the bottom of this article.

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Samapura H.S, Forbes Lane, Maradana, Colombo 10


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