400, R.A de Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03

A Singaporean franchise that does fried chicken with sambal sauce, and serves food super fast. As it should be.

Note: This place isn't functioning anymore. RIP.

Tenderfresh relocated to Duplication Road a few weeks ago from its previous place in Wijerama. It's now right next to the Manhattan Fish Market. Their new location's got plenty of natural lighting, what with two two glass walls and a very comfortable diner-ish feel.


A bright, spacious place and friendly staff, Tenderfresh's main meat is chicken; but they've got a couple of dishes focusing on fish and beef, and pasta based meals as well.

An interesting thing is the local twist given to the dishes — in terms of spice rankings you get your unspiced 'original' flavours, with the third (and spiciest) tier titled 'sambal'.

For starters, we chose the Meaty Fries with Egg (Rs. 640) which was a huge and filling meal in itself. It's literally a bowl of fries tossed in minced-meat, with a couple of layers of egg. There's some deep pink sauce going on which we weren't really able to identify but we'll hazard a guess that it's mayo with sauce.

Piping hot, this is really quite good.

While their Chicken Combo (2pieces, sambal-spicy) came slathered in a samboly sauce, it was rather underwhelming and the fries accompanying it were cold on the inside. It cost us Rs. 740, and think the dish could be better for the price.

For variety, Mal ordered a Grilled Sirloin Steak with Black Pepper Sauce (Rs. 1,190) which was frankly quite, quite bad. The meat was hard, rubbery, and near-impossible to cut, and took a few minutes to chew through as well.

We'd tried their mojitos when they were at the Wijerama branch, so opted for their  Orange Juice (Rs. 290) instead. Tangy, it reminded us of Sunquick (and honestly most probably was).

Dessert's Crème brûlée (Rs. 390) was intensely dense custard with a sprinkling of sugar, of which a teensy bit in the middle was caramelized.


We love their new location, and hope they can improve their mains. Their meaty chips are good, and so's the service.



Avoid the drinks, ask for the sambal sauce.


400, R.A de Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03


Close to Deal Place and Mahanama, Tenderfresh is just a door down from the Manhattan Fish Market



This place has closed down

Price Range

Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

Dish Types

Beef Chicken Fried Chicken Brownies Burgers


Fast Food

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