400, R.A de Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03

A Singaporean franchise that does fried chicken with sambal sauce, and serves food super fast. As it should be.

Tenderfresh just opened. It's a Singaporean franchise that serves up its own take on fried chicken and comfort food. Word is that the same people who brought down Manhattan Fish Market are behind this project. While on the pricey side, the food is quite good. They've got some sambal sauce that's quite a treat. We went for dinner.


At first glance, it's mostly chicken that's on the menu, from fried to grilled to chop, but there's also other meats you can try (mutton, beef). Prices range from Rs 600 to Rs 900, for most options. We've heard that the pasta and sambal sauce fried chicken are really good, so do try those out. We went a different route.

We tried the Roasted Leg of Beauty (Rs. 790) that comes with fries and some coleslaw. The chicken is prepared in a combi-steamer, so they're able to get this one out pretty fast. Due to a technical glitch, the first one we got hadn't cooked just right, so we brought it to the attention of the staff and they were prompt to return it to the kitchen and bring back another. The second time around it was cooked to the bone, but just enough for it to super moist on the inside. It comes with the skin on, but you can easily peel it off if you're not into that. 

The burger we got wasn't as big as we'd expect, given the price. The only one on the menu, the Homemade Beef Burger (Rs. 740) comes with some brown sauce that's quite delish, but we felt like this just didn't deliver value for money. All of our orders came with generous helpings of french fries, to the point that there were more fries than the burger itself.

The Succulent Chicken Chop (Rs. 790) was the real show-stopper, though. With just enough brown sauce for each bite, it's succulent, boneless chicken that comes with a toasted slice of bread. 

For dessert, we had the Brownie with Ice Cream (Rs. 490). Pretty straightforward, you get a nice, cakey brownie that's not too sweet. The ice cream itself is nothing to write home about. The hot and cold worked really well, especially since the brownie wasn't too hot, just warm enough to hold the ice cream without melting it before we finished.


We weren't too impressed by the drinks (Rs. 390 each). The apple and mint mojito was too sweet, but this is made to the franchise recipe, so you can't really ask for it less sweet. 

The ginger and passion fruit mojito was far too sweet. You can't really taste the ginger in this one, and even the sour notes of passion fruit are missing. So, you're left with a strange, icy, saccharine glass full.

Ambiance & Service

The space is not too big, but there's enough for a small crowd to get together. It hasn't changed too much since the location's Sandwich Factory days, except there's no jukebox anymore. The waiters generally let you be and are quite friendly. They've tasted all the dishes, so feel free to ask them for their recommendation. We were quite happy that they were very professional about the glitch with the chicken, too.


Tenderfresh on Wijerama Mawatha is basically a bistro. If you're into fried chicken and Singaporean flavours, check out their sambal fried chicken, it's quite good. We tried it outside of the review. We quite enjoyed the food we ordered but the drinks were too sweet for our taste. They just opened up and they seem quite optimistic about the future of franchises setting up in Sri Lanka, and that's promising. The food is halal, and there's no booze, so it's super family friendly.



Avoid the drinks, ask for the sambal sauce.


400, R.A de Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03


Close to Deal Place and Mahanama, Tenderfresh is just a door down from the Manhattan Fish Market



This place has closed down

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Between Rs. 500 - Rs. 1000

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Beef Chicken Fried Chicken Brownies Burgers


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