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The Art Cafe

126/1, Highlevel Road, Nugegoda

A cosy nook in Nugegoda.

From the outside, The Art Cafe Looks like a hole in the wall, and you'd never guess what's behind its doors. A restaurant that's not only so aesthetically pleasing but also does some good food, it's the newest cosy nook in Nugegoda.


I mean, look how gorgeous it is! For a second, I felt like I'm at Cafe The Vibe in Kandy. They have brilliantly embedded that vibrant, hipster vibe into this tiny space. 

With wooden furniture, rope pendant lights, dream catchers and cushy seats, it's ideal to get all cosied up. 


The food menu at The Art Cafe had a collection of burgers, wraps and dessert-style pancakes, which all of them were priced under Rs. 800. We opted for the Chef's Special Fish & Chips (Rs. 800), a Bacon & Egg Roll Burger (Rs. 750) and the Coffee & Chocolate Pan Cake (Rs. 450).

The Bacon & Egg Roll Burger was served with their homemade sauce, a generous helping of French fries, and pickles. Bacon and Egg is a universally approved food combo and it worked out quite well here as well. The bacon was beautifully red and crispy, while the bullseye egg was oozing out with beautifully runny yolk. It makes things messy for sure, but that's the thrill of it. 

We highly suggest dressing it up with their homemade sauce. It's tangy and has a potent spicy kick, which adds an extra zing to the flavour profile.
The Chef's Special Fish & Chips had four chunks of batter-fried fish, and the sides of French fries, special salad and a cup of homemade sauce. It wasn't white fish, and the batter coating didn't have the crisp that we were looking for. But in terms of flavour, it was all right.

However, what we enjoyed the most here was the special salad. Not gonna lie, I can't bear salad, and yet I couldn't hold myself back from eating this. There were freshly grated carrot and cabbage, dressed in their homemade sauce. Superb!

The Chocolate & Coffee Pancake came with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, topped off with a sprinkle of coffee. Two Sri Lankan-style thin pancakes drizzled with chocolate sauce and dusted with coffee, we also spotted a generous slathering of chocolate inside the pancake as well. Sweet, but not overly so, it's a dessert for two.


Out of the range of juices, healthy smoothies and milkshakes, we got the Cold Pressed Refrshner (Rs. 350) and Tropical Boost Smoothie (Rs. 350).

*Pictured above - Cold Pressed Refrshner (left),  Tropical Boost Smoothie (right)

Both of the drinks were good.

The Cold Pressed Refrshner was an ensemble of Watermelon, Pineapple and Lemongrass which made for an aromatic, refreshingly tart drink with a tinge of sweetness and a leafy note. As for the Tropical Boost Smoothie, it's a blend of fruits (mango, banana), nuts (cashews), dried fruits (plums) and a dash of honey. It tasted sweet and sour at the right balance, and almost every sip had cashews, which is an extra delight to munch on.


We entered the restaurant as they flip the Closed signboard at the door to the other side. They were still preparing for the day, so the food took a bit of time to arrive. Nonetheless, it's all happy faces, and they didn't hesitate to make recommendations whenever we need any.


It's probably the prettiest place to hangout amid the hustle and bustle in Nugegoda town. They offer good portions of delicious food that gives your money's worth. Do check it out if you're around.

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