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The Astoria Residencies

60/A Rani Mawatha, Negombo

A budget homestay in Negombo.

Negombo has many homestays, and The Astoria Residencies is one of the finest we've seen so far; especially considering the condition of the accommodation facilities they offer under Rs. 2500.


They have four types of rooms; Standard Double, Deluxe Double, Deluxe Triple and Deluxe Quadruple. The pricing starts at around Rs. 1500 and goes up to around Rs. 5000, even during peak season. The Double Deluxe Room we stayed at was only Rs. 2400 (almost $13). Properly airconditioned, it was well-maintained room. There was a queen-sized bed dressed in clean white sheets and appointed with a couple of pillows and bedsheets. The room also had a dresser and a giant wooden cupboard to keep our belongings. The latter might block your view through the window, but it won't stop the natural lights from seeping through. The bathroom was extremely clean, well equipped with modern bathroomware and quite spacious.

There wasn't a lot in terms of amenities; just soap and toilet paper, but we cannot quite complain given the good condition of it, and considering the fact that it comes under Rs. 2500. 


The Astoria Residencies is run by a family. We checked in very late at night, and the hosts were still happy to welcome us and help us get settled. 


From the well-kept, calm atmosphere to nicely arranged accommodation facilities, The Astoria Residencies is a solid purchase. This is one of the good options in the area for anyone who's exploring Negombo under a budget. 

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60/A Rani Mawatha, Negombo


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