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The Bake Out

Delivery only

A home baker who does some incredible cakes.

The Bake Out is a home baker, who does good cakes, and some all right brownies and cookies. 

How To Order

You can easily DM them through Instagram, and get them delivered to your doorstep (for a delivery fee) or pick up.

Brownies, Cookies & Cupcakes

For Rs. 900, they offer 6 pieces of generously-sized brownies. Soft, moist, and kinda fudgy, the texture here is nice, but they can certainly improve the chocolatiness in this. It was quite mild.
The Double Chocolate Chip Cookies (Rs. 700 for 6) had a better chocolate flavour - mainly drawn from the bits of chocolate embedded in the middle. Again, we'd have liked a bit more chocolatiness from the rest. It's not a bad cookie, really, but we've had better. In terms of texture, it was chunky.

This is where The Bake Out's skills really shine. Featuring a beautiful crown of creamy frosting that complements the fluffy, airy, moist cake base in the best way possible, it's definitely one of the best Red Velvet cupcakes we've had in a while. A pack of 6 is priced at Rs. 800.


While they have room for improvement in brownie and cookie departments, we recommend The Bake Out for the wonderful cupcakes.

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