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The Brick Lane Cookie Company (Crescat)

Crescat Boulevard, Galle Road, Colombo 3

  • Closed right now

The Brick Lane Cookie Company serves fresh cookies between the escalators of the Crescat Mall. It's a quick and tasty bite you can grab on your way up or down.

The Brick Lane Cookie Company is a small spot at the Crescat Food Court, that's been dishing up all sorts of cookies for a while now. We dropped in for a quick, sweet bite.

What they've absolutely nailed is the base of their cookies. Each different cookie retains the same chewy, thick texture with a lotta chunky elements present here and there.

The cookies are priced at Rs. 300 - Rs. 400 each depending on what flavour you get. This might sound a bit hefty, but you ARE paying for a good product.

The Cookies

All cookies are 100% handmade following a secret recipe.

This here is the Red Velvet cookie. It's chunky, it's got white chocolate, and cream cheese swirled into its base- what's not to like? There's a distinct, chocolate flavour that hits on occasion and the cream cheese makes it all the better with lightly tart overtones.
Here's their classic Oreo cookie. While a lot of places serve up the same type of cookie, they always tend to hold back on the crushed oreo bits. With this one, you'll get a ton of oreo chunks that not only amplify the overall flavour; it adds a small crunch to go along with the chewy cookie base.
Prolly best if kept away from Cookie Monster, lest things should get ugly...
Ahh their Double Chocolate Nutella Stuffed cookie. I actually really dislike Nutella, but I could take a bite off this without dry-heaving. This one's chock full of milk and white chocolate chunks. It's extremely chocolatey as well. The base had a very prominent Nutella flavour, but alas! There was no 'stuffing'. We expected the hazelnut spread to ooze out from between the cookie's decadent layers, but the inside was as empty as my soul. 
Still a good cookie, but definitely not stuffed.
This is the Gingerbread cookie. It was delicious. Not some basic, overly hardened biscuit. It's got a very heavy ginger presence, and you'll even be able to find the occasional bit of ginger or two. It's got ginger in its veins, and if you're not careful- you'll actually end up with a bit of an itch in your throat, thanks to its potent effects.
Best when paired with a cup of hot ginger tea. 

Service & Ambience

You are served over the counter here. 

The ambience really isn't much to talk about. It's just the Crescat Food Court. There's a shop that's been around for a while next to this place that sells all manner of Valentine's Day gifts and decor like hideous plushies and plastic flowers. That's about the only standoffish thing here to talk about.


The Brick Lane Cookie Company might entail a bit of a hefty price-tag should you choose to purchase a cookie or two from here. But I say go for it, since they know what theiy're doing better than most places here that offer giant cookies. 


Crescat Boulevard, Galle Road, Colombo 3


You can enter the Crescat Mall from the Galle Road, turning into the Cinnamon Grand (between Galle Face Green and Colpetty Junction) or from the back, going around the Beira Lake. Brick Lane Cookies is in the downstairs food court, between the escalators.



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