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The Brown Bean Coffee (Dharmapala Mw.)

116, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07

The Brown Bean Coffee has opened their 3rd permanent outlet down Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, right in front of Colombo Public Library.

Started off as a humble stall in Colombo Good Market, The Brown Bean Coffee has come a long way. Crafting up some superb cups of coffee and delicious snacks, they recently opened up their 3rd permanent outlet down Anagarika Dharmapala Road in Kollupitiya, right in front of Colombo Public Library. 

Food & Drinks

From short-eats and cupcakes to sandwiches, wraps and soups, the menu at Brown Bean Coffee is curated for both quick grab and go, and dine-in. Aside from coffee, their drinks menu is comprised of milkshakes and tea specialities.

Most of the stuff they have are priced under Rs. 500, which makes this place a fine budget option. We started off with a steaming hot bowl of Cream of Chicken Soup (Rs. 250) served with a couple of buttered bread slices. A whiff of this was enough to make us drool, and the group sitting next to us. 

The broth here wasn't the creamiest one we've come across so far, but that didn't stop us from slurping it down. Laden with bits of chicken and onion to go with every single spoonful, every ounce of it was nourished with chicken stock. To kick it up a notch, they had added a dash of pepper in it. For the given price, it's quite the steal. 
Tucked in between a couple of lightly toasted bread slices, the Pepper Beef Sandwich was a simple concoction of beef pepperoni, pieces of onion, lettuce and tomato. The veggies-to-pepperoni ratio was well balanced, so we could taste the flavour of every element. 

Teamed up for a good crunch, fresh lettuce and onions did the job, while the tomato gave it a delicious tang, keeping the whole thing moist. The sprinkle of pepper helped to improve the overall flavour even more. Costs Rs. 300 only. 

*Featured above - Caramel Latte (left) and Hot Chocolate (right)

We've always liked the coffee-based drinks at Brown Bean Coffee. Even this time around, they were nothing short of wonderful.

Served in a tall glass, the Caramel Latte (Rs. 400) had all the right components with the right balance. Notes of espresso and a pleasing caramel aroma emerging through its velvety, fluffy milk, this one also featured a thin layer of froth on top. Definitely one of the best Lattes you can have in Colombo

At Rs. 300, this glass of Hot Chocolate is a solid deal! Lusciously creamy and absolutely rich with chocolate, it's your ideal gloomy evening drink. 

Ambience & Service

This place isn't very spacious - fitting more than 8 people would make it look congested. However, they've got a couple of tables outside too. 

From the minute we walked in, to the point we left, the service we received was quite good. They always had a smile on their face, were aware of the availability of the dishes, and happy to make recommendations. It took them only like 10 minutes to deliver our food to the table, which is impressive, considering they had a full house at the moment. 


In comparison to most cafes around, Brown Bean Coffee is quite affordable. Their coffee is amazing as always, and the snacks are pretty great too. 

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