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The Cafe By The Mount Star

No,14, Cargills Ground Kandy Road, Nuwara Eliya

A tiny cafe in Nuwara Eliya town that serves up quick snacks.

The Cafe By The Mount Star lies right in front of the magnificent Cargills Food City building in Nuwara Eliya. It's a tiny spot that serves up okay food, which are not too shabby for the price. 


Aside from the short eats and cakes that you can grab on the go, their menu features a range of submarines, burgers, soups, shawarma, pizza and rice-centred items, but unfortunately, most of them were not available. So this is all we could get - a Vegetable Salad (Rs. 220) and a Biriyani (Rs. 400). 

The Vegetable Salad was an assortment of carrots, onions, cabbage and tomato; all doused in peppered up mayo. The mayo content here was a bit overpowering, so we hardly got the flavours of the veggies. Portionwise, the Biriyani was decent. There was enough rice for two people, an omelette, a hefty piece of chicken, as well as a small serving of the same vegetable salad we tried before. 

However, in terms of flavour, it didn't deliver. On the good side, the rice was fluffy, well-cooked and not oily, but it seemed to have seasoned with a store-bought biriyani mix. While the chicken was properly cooked through, the flavour profile here was pretty similar to what we tasted in the rice. 

Infused with pepper, the omelette wasn't anything extraordinary either. 


On the drinks side, there were coffee and tea. 

Anything warm is comforting in Nuwara Eliya, and this cup of Latte (Rs. 450) wasn't any different. There was a giant layer of froth on top, followed by the fluffy caffeinated milk. It was a bit too burnt for our liking but helped to beat the freezing weather. 

Ambience & Service

The Cafe by the Mount Star has a simple wooden table and bench set up for their diners. The benches are adorned with red cushions to make them more comfortable. 

It's self-service here - you have to place your order at the counter and collect the food and drinks when they're ready. Depending on the number of dishes you order, you might have to walk up there a few times. The guy behind the counter wasn't the friendliest, but our food and drinks were ready within around 20 minutes. 


It's all right if what you're looking for is a place to pop in for a quick snack -especially without having to spend too much. 


No,14, Cargills Ground Kandy Road, Nuwara Eliya



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